Healing properties of silver

Many peoples, such as the Egyptians, Tibetans, Navajo and Hopi Indian tribes, historically knew about the metaphysical and healing properties of silver. While gold is the metal of the Sun, silver is associated with the metal of the Moon. Like water and the moon, silver promotes balance and tranquility, protects from negative influences.

Silver is considered the mirror of the soul. It has long been believed in its positive effect on blood circulation, on the lungs and throat, detoxification of the body, help in the treatment of degenerative diseases of the brain, hepatitis, hormonal imbalance.

Silver has a bactericidal effect. For centuries, silver jewelry has been associated with magical powers. – all this ancient peoples attributed to such a noble metal as silver. Although this attitude towards silver is not widespread in modern society, some people continue to follow beliefs that have existed since time immemorial.  

Scientists are testing the effect of silver on diseases such as malaria and leprosy, showing encouraging results.

The connection of silver with spiritual life can be traced mainly in traditional cultures, where people live in unity and deep respect for the earth. For example, Tibetan silver jewelry is often combined with precious stones and crystals, which enhances their healing effect. Silver is the metal of emotions, love and healing. The properties of silver are most active during the period of the new and full moon.

As noted above, silver is associated with the Moon, its zodiac sign is Cancer.

This metal also fills its owner with patience. 

Another positive quality of silver – It is not surprising that the ancient peoples revered gold and silver so much, because these metals do not rust, and therefore they have always been prescribed supernatural and mystical properties. Nowadays, silver tarnishes and darkens when exposed to sulfur. However, this effect appeared only after the industrial revolution, when more sulfur was formed in the atmosphere.

The antimicrobial properties of silver were recognized by ancient people who did not have the knowledge of modern medicine and biology. In those days, people discovered that wine stored in silver vessels retained its taste longer. The Romans knew that silver coins in a vessel of water made it less likely that soldiers would be poisoned by it. Silver powders and infusions were applied to wounds to prevent sepsis. In fantasy literature, silver is a harmful and deadly poison for vampires.

  • Balancing and calming effect 
  • Reflects negative intention 
  • Allows the owner to enter into one stream with the Universe 
  • Improves the ability of intuition 
  • Increases the power of gems and crystals such as moonstone, amethyst, quartz and turquoise 
  • Silver applied to the forehead activates and opens the third eye (Third Eye Chakra)

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