Nutrition for cellulite

General description of the disease


Cellulite – structural changes in the subcutaneous fat layer or mechanical deformation of the skin, which occurs as a result of hypertrophy of surface fat cells, provokes an increase in lipodystrophy.

Cellulite development stages:

  1. 1 stage – slight swelling of the skin and small tubercles, which are visible when the skin is compressed into a fold.
  2. 2 stage – “orange peel” on a large area of ​​the skin, which manifests itself with light pressure or in the depressions and seals of skin tissue.
  3. 3 stage – numerous subcutaneous edema, depressions and nodules, connective tissue under the skin in the form of cells.
  4. 4 stage – large numerous cavities, areas of hardening, nodules, swelling, soreness when touched, cold skin with a bluish tinge.

Useful products for cellulite

  • dry red wine (removes toxins, improves blood circulation) consume no more than one hundred milliliters per day;
  • foods that are rich in potassium (legumes, bread, vegetables, dried fruits, oranges, milk, bananas, vegetables) remove excess water from the skin tissues, contributes to the firmness and elasticity of the skin;
  • fresh vegetables and fruits that improve metabolism, promote the breakdown of fats, remove toxins from the body (it is better to eat on an empty stomach or at night);
  • products with vitamin E (olive, flaxseed and soybean oil, walnuts, sunflower oil, hazelnuts, cashews, soybeans, beans, beef, buckwheat, banana, pear, tomatoes) improve blood circulation and skin elasticity;
  • seafood, seaweed contain minerals, antioxidants, help to remove toxins and toxins from the body;
  • freshly squeezed natural vegetable and fruit juices, which contribute to the breakdown of fat cells (it is better to use it on an empty stomach or in between meals);
  • purified water, green tea in large quantities help to cleanse the body;
  • oatmeal with nuts, fruits, raisins, honey (rich in fiber and beneficial trace elements) improves metabolism, digestion, strengthens the skin and cleanses the body.

Folk remedies for cellulite

  • fresh aloe juice (fifteen drops) take daily;
  • warm clay wraps: white or blue clay, three drops of essential orange oil, three tablespoons of cinnamon, stir in a container with warm water, apply the mixture to the skin, wrap with cling film, cover with a blanket, keep for at least an hour;
  • sit-down bathrooms with orange and olive oil;
  • Apply apple cider vinegar for two weeks in the evening after showering upward from the knees to the thighs;
  • a coffee mask (the thick of natural drunk coffee, blue clay, mineral water) should be applied to damp skin with massage movements;
  • vinegar wraps (in equal parts apple cider vinegar and water, mint, rosemary or lemon oil) apply to the skin, wrap with cling film, cover with a blanket, hold for at least an hour, lubricate the skin with a moisturizer after rinsing;
  • a mixture of essential oils: grapefruit oil (10 drops), geranium oil (8 drops), bergamot oil (10 drops), cinnamon oil (3 drops), nutmeg oil (5 drops), mix with tea false base oil, use for massage.

Dangerous and harmful products for cellulite

  • alcohol (especially beer, alcoholic cocktails, champagne) promotes skin aging, destroys vitamin C in the body;
  • salty and spicy foods (marinades, pickles, canned food, chips, smoked fish and meat, herring) contribute to the retention of excess water in the body, the growth of cellulite cells, the formation of edema on the body and face;
  • sugary and fatty foods that promote the formation of fat cells;
  • black tea, instant coffee, which cause fluid stagnation in the tissues.


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