Nordic walking is a great exercise

You’ve probably seen them – zealous exercise lovers, majestically dissecting the space with ski poles in their hands. With a condescending smile, you most likely thought: “Yes, these eccentrics forgot to wear skis!” But you shouldn’t laugh. Nordic Walking, or Nordic Walking, is a highly effective workout. Unlike regular walking, studies have shown that it nearly doubles energy expenditure if exercised seriously and with full dedication.


Due to the use of sticks, hands are actively loaded, the pulse quickens, the process of burning calories is more intense. All the muscles of the body work – and at the same time, which is very important, the joints are not overloaded. You can do it at any age, with any complexion and level of sports training. Therefore, Nordic walking has become almost a national sport in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark.

Get down to business


Walking is a natural process that is very important for health. When a person walks,. You can walk anytime and anywhere. And by picking up a couple of sticks, you noticeably increase the load, improve blood circulation and burn even more calories. Energy expenditure during Nordic walking increases by an average of 40% compared to normal walking.


When the sticks are in the hands, the stride becomes wider, the muscles of the back of the thigh and buttocks are trained. Pushing off with sticks increases your movement speed.

With this type of walking, over time they become elastic and embossed. The positive aspects of Nordic walking include the fact that you spend a lot of time in the fresh air, in the bosom of nature, contemplating its beauty, a blush begins to play on your cheeks.

Technique and choice of sticks

The Nordic walking technique depends on which poles you use and how hard you intend to train. If you are walking quickly through woods or rough terrain, it is best to use regular lightweight sticks. In difficult terrain, they will help you climb hills faster, you will be able to withstand the workout longer, since part of the load will be taken by your hands.


If you want to increase the load, choose a weighted pole. You will walk more slowly, but the effectiveness of your workouts will increase.

It is important to choose the right height of the sticks. The formula is simple:. A backlash of 5 cm in one direction or another is allowed.

When starting to practice Nordic walking, you should take into account that it will take two or three workouts before you get used to the poles. At first, they are more likely to interfere than to help. But walking technique is mastered quickly. You need to focus on getting your hands to move in time with your feet, right hand-left foot, left hand-right foot, do not increase your walking pace until you are fully comfortable with the movements.



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