Natural remedies for mosquitoes and midges

When a mosquito bites, an anticoagulant is injected under the skin, which causes itching, swelling and redness. Basically, it’s not so much dangerous as unpleasant. In rare cases, mosquito bites can be allergic. However, by scratching the bite site vigorously, it is not difficult to introduce an infection, especially in the field. By the way, huge mosquitoes, mistakenly called “malarial”, in principle, do not bite, and can only cause inconvenience with their obsessive buzz.

Mosquitoes love heat and humidity. But at temperatures above +28 they lose their activity. It is believed that mosquitoes do not fly at height, but recently these insects have been seen even on the upper floors of houses. In addition, the atmosphere of urban basements, reminiscent of the “tropics”, has given rise to a generation of domestic mosquitoes, which thrive even in winter. Conclusion: a fine mesh on windows and exhaust openings will not be superfluous for residents of high-rise buildings and in private houses.

It is inexplicable, but annoying bloodsuckers do not like yellow. Dress like a chick when you go out into the countryside, regardless of last season’s fashion trends. But blue and green are recommended to be avoided – this palette is nice for insects.

It is worth remembering our good old Moidodyr. A shower before a hike is not an excess, but a necessity. It has been noticed that mosquitoes are attracted to the smell of sweat, so a clean body will save you unnecessary trouble.

At present, it has become fashionable to treat the garden before the summer season with means that kill uninvited guests for the whole summer. This is convenient, but not cheap and not useful for berries and vegetables growing in the garden. After all, we grow environmentally friendly products for ourselves. What can be done?

· Plant elderberry next to the country house. The smell of its foliage repels mosquitoes, so cut branches are good to keep in rooms.

· Tomatoes are not only a popular vegetable crop, but also a plant that mosquitoes hate. Let one bed close the entrance to the dwelling.

· Light a fire with spruce wood and throw some cones into the fire.

Basil on the site – both greens in the salad, and beautiful ornamental grass, and salvation from mosquitoes.

· In the house, arrange saucers with soy sauce – it is very annoying to the delicate taste of bloodsucking.

Boil 5 g of cloves in a glass of water for 15 minutes. Combine 10 drops of tincture with a tablespoon of alcohol or cologne, rub the body and walk quietly for 2 hours.

· Wheatgrass is probably present on the site as a weed. Chop its roots and make a decoction based on 1,5 liters. water. Both adults and children can wash with such a solution.

Essential oils are an effective way to control insects. Basil, clove, cedar, tea tree, eucalyptus and anise can not only be applied to the skin, but also dripped onto a candle or into a fire.

· Residents of Siberia claim that in the fight against midges there is only one effective remedy – confectionery vanilla extract.

Carbolic acid is sprayed indoors at night, hands and face are wiped with a weak solution. Peaceful sleep guaranteed!

These simple tips will help you relax without unnecessary problems. But it is worth considering, because, no matter how disgusting the evil mosquito is, it is part of nature. In the tundra, the circulation of substances occurs solely thanks to these little robbers. Well, we can only wait – by the end of summer, the activity of blood-sucking insects decreases significantly.

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