Diet, detox or mindful eating?

The sphere of a healthy lifestyle is developing more and more every year, more and more people are striving to get the body of their dreams. But in the pursuit of beauty, many, unfortunately, forget about health, and begin to try various diets – there are so many of them now that only the lazy did not come up with their own. 

Most diets are aimed at getting the fastest result – losing weight at the expense of health. Take, for example, diets where the emphasis is on protein and the exclusion of carbohydrates, even fruits. Yes, those who follow this diet lose weight, but at the expense of what? Due to kidney failure, gout, decreased immunity, high cholesterol and vitamin deficiency. Other diets are based on fat intake, again with an almost complete ban on fruit. As a result, the deterioration of the brain, problems with the kidneys, blood vessels and irritability.

Irritability… where does it come from? Of course, from prohibitions. After all, any diet is a strict restriction on the use of any food. And the more often the brain receives the “no” signal, the worse the mood and the lower the emotional stability. And when the mood is at zero, it is very easy to get off the chosen path. This is how breakdowns, kickbacks occur, the weight returns again, and with it new diseases from malnutrition. Many go on a diet in general with the sole purpose of losing weight, and once the goal is reached, they relax, because the body cannot be in a state of stress all the time. He needs rest, and if a person does not perceive food as fuel for the body, but sees in it only another opportunity for fleeting pleasure, there will be no good health.

Recently, another trendy trend has arisen – detox, the process of cleansing the body of toxins. Getting rid of toxins, the body certainly becomes healthier, but this process itself is an inevitable stress for the body, and the more toxins, the more stress. Those. the worse you ate, the more harmful foods you ate, and the longer it all went on, the more difficult it is for the body to cope with getting rid of the consequences of such a lifestyle. Although after a detox everyone certainly feels refreshed, light and fresh, during it many people suffer from headaches, rashes, problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

However, isn’t it better to eat in such a way that you do not set yourself strict prohibitions, do not suffer during detox and enjoy your food? Of course better. And this is where mindful eating can help. The key word is “conscious”, i.e. when you understand why you eat this or that product, what it gives you, whether you get energy from it, whether you become healthier. Try to observe yourself for at least one day: what do you eat, what do you feel before you eat it, what do you feel after, how much food do you need for real saturation, what does this food give you: a charge of vivacity and energy, lightness or apathy, heaviness and fatigue. If you regularly ask yourself these questions, awareness of nutrition will develop by itself. The main thing is the desire to observe, analyze and become better.

A logical question may arise: what to do if a bad mood unsettles, and the hand reaches for the food that will not help, but only worsen the condition. “Jamming of emotions” is a process that is subject only to conscious control. To get rid of this addiction, you need to perform one more exercise. For several days, write down everything you do and put signs next to what gives you energy and what takes it away. Through such a simple analysis, classes will be revealed after which your spirit rises, you smile and are pleased with yourself. These classes should come to your aid in difficult times instead of a box of chocolates. And in order to make this decision in time, that same awareness will help us. For example, you came to the conclusion that a couple of yoga asanas or an evening walk instantly dispels your sad thoughts, or that a baked apple gives you lightness, and a cake – heaviness, which will only aggravate your situation. It is important to understand that this is not a “chase for pleasure”, but a conscious process of raising a better version of yourself.

With such nutrition, health and mood will only improve, the body will become slimmer before our eyes, not so many toxins will accumulate in the body, which means that getting rid of them will not be difficult. Know that developing mindfulness in nutrition will help you achieve your goals in all areas of your life.

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