Mobi about vegetarianism

I am often asked why I became a vegetarian (a vegetarian is someone who does not eat animal food and does not wear clothing made from animal skins). However, before explaining the reasons, I want to note that I do not condemn people who eat meat. A person chooses one or another way of life for various reasons, and it is not my place to discuss this choice. And besides, to live means to inevitably suffer and inflict suffering. But nonetheless, this is why I became a vegetarian: 1) I love animals and am convinced that a vegetarian diet reduces their suffering. 2) Animals are sensitive creatures with their own will and desires, so it is highly unfair to abuse them just because we can do it. 3) Medicine has accumulated enough facts showing that a diet concentrated on animal products has a negative effect on human health. As has been repeatedly proven, it contributes to the occurrence of cancerous tumors, cardiovascular diseases, obesity, impotence, diabetes, etc. 4) A vegetarian diet is more cost effective than an animal based diet. By this I mean the fact that more people can be fed with simple grain than by feeding the same grain to livestock and then, after slaughtering the livestock, feed them with meat. In a world where a lot of people are still dying of hunger, it is criminal to use grain to feed livestock, and not to keep the hungry alive. 5) Fattening livestock on farms causes significant environmental damage. So, waste from farms often ends up in sewage, poisoning drinking water and polluting nearby water bodies – lakes, rivers, streams and even seas. 6) Vegetarian food is more appealing: compare a plate of beans seasoned with fruits and vegetables with a plate of pork offal, chicken wings, or beef tenderloin. That’s why I’m a vegetarian. If you suddenly decide to become one, then please do it carefully. Most of our diet consists of meat and meat products, so when we stop consuming them, our body begins to feel uncomfortable – it needs a complete replacement for the missing ingredients. And despite the fact that a vegetarian diet is a million times healthier than a carnivore one, the transition from one to the other should be done gradually with special precautions. Fortunately, all health food stores and bookstores have enough literature on this subject, so do not be lazy and read it first. From the album ‘PLAY’ 1999 – You are a staunch vegetarian, one might even say a militant vegetarian. When did you come to the idea about the dangers of meat? I have no idea whether meat is harmful or not, I became a vegetarian for a completely different reason: I am disgusted with the killing of any living creatures. Visitors to Madonalds or the meat department of a supermarket are not able to connect a hamburger or a beautifully packaged piece of meat with a live cow that was mercilessly slaughtered, but I once saw such a connection. And got scared. And then I began to collect facts, and found out this: every year on planet Earth, more than 50 billion animals are aimlessly destroyed. As a source of food, a cow or a pig is completely useless – cabbage, potatoes, carrots and pasta will give you no less sense of satiety than a steak. But we do not want to give up our bad habits, we just do not want to break the usual course of life. In 1998, I recorded an album that I called “Animal Rights” (“Animal Rights.” – Trans.), – I am convinced that the right of a cow or a chicken to life is as sacred as mine or yours. I became a member of several animal rights organizations at once, I fund these organizations, I give concerts for their funds – you are right: I am a militant vegetarian. M & W

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