Mind Power: Thought Healing

Kirsten Blomkvist is a clinical hypnotherapist based in Vancouver, Canada. She is known for her extreme belief in the power of the mind and the importance of positive thinking. Kirsten is an ambitious person who is ready to take on almost any client, her belief in self-healing is so deep. Kirsten’s medical experience includes working with professional athletes and the terminally ill. Her treatment allows to achieve quick and impressive results, thanks to which Kirsten’s personality is becoming more and more popular among the Western medical community. Her name became especially famous after a successful case of curing a cancer patient. Thoughts are intangible, invisible and immeasurable, but does this mean that they do not affect human health? This is a challenging question that scientists have been studying for many years. Until recently, there was not enough evidence in the world of the enormous potential of our mind and thought process. What power do our thoughts have and, most importantly, how to take it into our own hands? “Recently, I had a patient treated with a T3 tumor of the rectum. Diameter – 6 cm. Complaints also included pain, bleeding, nausea, and more. At the time, I was doing neuroscience research in my spare time. I was particularly interested in the scientific findings in the field of brain neuroplasticity – the ability of the brain to rewire itself at any age. The thought struck me: if the brain can change and find solutions within itself, then the same must be true of the whole body. After all, the brain controls the body. Throughout our sessions with the cancer patient, we have seen significant progress. In fact, some symptoms have completely receded. The oncologists were amazed by the results of this patient and initiated a meeting with me on the subject of mind work. By that time, I was more and more convinced that “everything comes from the head” initially, only then it spreads to the body. I believe that the brain is separate from the mind. The brain is an organ that, of course, plays a critical role in controlling the body. The mind, however, is shrouded in a more spiritual hue and…governs our brain. Neurological research demonstrates a significant physical difference in the brains of those who practice meditation as opposed to non-practitioners. Such data made me believe in the healing power of our own thoughts. I explained to oncologists: when you imagine a soaked cream cake, laid out in several sweet layers, beautifully decorated, do you salivate? If you have a sweet tooth, then the answer is, of course, yes. The fact is that our subconscious mind does not know the difference between reality and imagination. By imagining a delicious piece of cake, we are causing a chemical reaction (saliva in the mouth, which is necessary for the digestive process), even if the cake is not really in front of you. You may even hear a rumbling in your stomach. Perhaps this is not the most convincing proof of the power of the mind, but the following is true: . I repeat. The thought of the cake made the brain send a signal to produce saliva. The thought became the cause of the physical response of the body. Thus, I believed that mental power can and should be used in the treatment of cancer patients. In the body of the patient there is a thought process that supports the tumor process and makes a contribution to it. The task: to deploy and deactivate such thoughts, to replace them with creative ones that have nothing to do with the disease – and this, of course, is a lot of work. Can this theory be applied to everyone? Yes, with one exception. Reason works for its owner when there is faith. If a person does not believe that he can be helped, help will not come. We all heard about the placebo effect, when beliefs and attitudes lead to the corresponding result. Nocebo is the opposite. When the mind is attuned to illness, it creates a favorable environment and develops it.

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