pine nut syndrome

A little-known, but still taking place, the flip side of the pine nut coin is a violation of taste. The syndrome manifests itself as a bitter, metallic taste in the mouth and resolves on its own without requiring medical attention. 1) Characterized by a bitter or metallic taste in the mouth 2) Appears 1-3 days after consumption of pine nuts 3) Symptoms disappear after 1-2 weeks 3) Aggravated by food and drink 4) Most people are affected by this symptom, but to varying degrees 5 ) Sometimes accompanied by complaints of headache, nausea, sore throat, diarrhea and abdominal pain A study of the phenomenon was conducted, which included 434 people with the syndrome from 23 countries of different ethnic origin, age, gender, health status and lifestyle. Almost all participants (96%) had previously consumed pine nuts and did not observe any allergic reactions or other abnormalities. 11% noted that they had experienced the symptom several times in their lives, but had not previously associated it with pine nuts due to lack of information. Interestingly, the syndrome appears The Australian and New Zealand Food Standards Organization notes that the syndrome has no further effects on human health. Exactly how pine nuts affect taste buds is still a topic of study.

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