Recommendations for switching to a plant-based diet

Veganism implies not only the use of plant foods in the diet, but also a responsible attitude to one’s health, the state of the environment and compassion for living beings. As a rule, one of the above (or all together) becomes the reason for making a choice in favor of a completely plant-based diet. How to facilitate the transitional stage mentally and physically, consider a few tips. Here we mean Internet resources (not questionable), books, the real experience of different people and the more the better. In order, as a result, to analyze the information received and draw conclusions, have an idea. To do this, it is not necessary to run to the bookstore and buy cookbooks. What’s more, many recipes won’t take you as long to prepare as meat dishes. Large collections of vegan recipes can be found both on the Russian and English Internet, as well as on our website in the “Recipes” section. For most people (not all, but many) it is easier to find a substitute for the usual harmful product than to cut off all ends and burn bridges at once. Of the most common examples: dairy cheeses are replaced by tofu, meat products – by vegetarian seitan meat, honey – by agave nectar, stevia, carob. You can read more about all vegan alternatives in books where experienced plant-based nutritionists share the benefits of vegan substitutes. The market for vegan products is rife with things that traditionally eaters tend not to buy or eat very rarely. This category includes all kinds of nut and seed pastes, which, by the way, will be the best alternative to butter on a slice of bread. Superfoods: chia seeds, goji berries, spirulina, acai… All these exotic gifts of nature are actually extremely nutritious, and they are called superfoods for a reason. You can buy superfoods, nut butters in specialized health food stores. Sprouted grains and beans are new foods that are highly recommended to add to the diet. Green buckwheat, wheat, mung beans are a great resource for sprouting! . While many products in this category may be completely vegan, we strongly recommend that you completely and irrevocably say goodbye to them. A vegan diet can be extraordinarily rich without these kinds of “foods” that can be substituted for homemade potato carrot chips (see below). in the “Recipes” section) and many others. Most importantly, don’t treat your new plant-based diet as an endless limitation. You chose this path and made such a choice consciously! Do not feel deprived of some dubious pleasures in life. Rejoice that you have embarked on the path of awareness and responsible attitude towards yourself and the world, one of the paths of which is a completely plant-based diet.

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