Interesting facts about … crocodiles!

Those who have seen a crocodile may remember him frozen with his mouth wide open. Did you know that the crocodile opens its mouth not as a sign of aggression, but to cool down? 1. Crocodiles live up to 80 years.

2. The first crocodile appeared 240 million years ago, at the same time as the dinosaurs. Their size was less than 1 m in length.

3. With the help of their powerful tail, crocodiles are able to swim at a speed of 40 mph, and can stay underwater for 2-3 hours. They also make jumps from the water several meters long.

4. 99% of crocodile offspring are eaten in the first year of life by large fish, herons and .. adult crocodiles. The female lays 20-80 eggs, which are incubated in a nest of plant materials under the protection of the mother for 3 months.

5. When the flashlight is on, you can see the eyes of the crocodile in the form of shiny red dots at night. This effect occurs due to the protective layer of the tapetum, located behind the retina. Thanks to him, the eyes of a crocodile reflect light and make night vision possible.

6. How to distinguish a crocodile from an alligator? Pay attention to the mouth: crocodiles have a clearly visible fourth tooth on the lower jaw, even when the mouth is closed. Since crocodiles have salt glands, this allows them to exist in sea water, while the alligator lives only in fresh water. In terms of behavior, crocodiles are more active and aggressive than alligators, and less resistant to cold. Alligators are found in the subtropical region, crocodiles are not.

7. The jaw of a crocodile consists of 24 sharp teeth designed to grab and break food, but not for chewing. During the life of a crocodile, the teeth are constantly changing.

8. Crocodiles show increased aggressiveness during the mating season (associated with the monsoons).

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