Yoga navigator. What to choose and how not to get confused?

Yoga has many directions and each has a specific function: it restores strength, trains the will, relaxes, has a therapeutic effect, and tones. 

Technically, all yoga schools can be divided into three areas: dynamic, static and meditative. But the emergence of new directions is gradually leveling this division. Active exercises are mixed with the chanting of mantras, stretching is interspersed with meditation, and so on. But let’s try to systematize. 


Let’s start with the most “sporty” approaches. Those who consider yoga as a way to get in shape and want to use it to tone muscles and burn extra calories should pay attention to the following areas:

1.     Aqua yoga. Includes a large number of traditional yoga exercises, but they are performed in the pool. It is based on stretching and strengthening muscles, massage of internal organs. Aqua yoga is often practiced in fitness clubs.

2.   Bikram yoga. It is carried out in a heated room, where the climate is close to tropical. The body warms up in it, the load increases gradually. Thanks to this, blood circulation improves, muscles become more elastic. In such conditions, overload is better tolerated.

3.     Hatha yoga. Considers physical well-being as a necessary condition for spiritual development. This style is the best way to get to know the physical aspects of yoga without deep immersion in religion. The main emphasis in hatha yoga is on exercises for the spine.

4.     Power yoga. It especially requires physical training, because it is aimed at developing strength, flexibility, and building muscle mass. This type of yoga assumes that through overcoming physical difficulties you will be able to cope with nervous tension and stress, develop willpower. The improvement in concentration will be a nice bonus.


For the most unprepared, other techniques are suitable. If you have never exercised before, then it is better to start with the following practices:

1.   Wine-yoga. This individual program takes into account your personal level of cultural and physical development. It involves working with a trainer, meditative postures and a minimum of complex asanas. The most important thing is positive emotions that will positively affect overall well-being.

2.    Iyengar Yoga. This practice redefines the philosophy of hatha yoga. It takes into account your ability to flexibility and endurance, guarantees the complete absence of discomfort. With the help of special devices (blocks, straps, rollers), it will be easier to perform the exercises and the result will not be long in coming.

3.     Do yoga. It is considered the softest style. It means spiritual training. After these practices, you will be better prepared for physical exercises that require strength and endurance.

4.   Kundalini. This direction in yoga helps to reveal the possibilities of your body and mind with minimal effort. It is necessary to perform special breathing exercises – they activate hidden energy, sing a mantra and let the body stretch. Such a complex works on rejuvenation and the development of self-confidence.


All yoga practices are aimed at ensuring that a person knows the inner “I” and finds harmony. But not everyone pays due attention to this. For those who want to cleanse themselves from the inside and find themselves, try to practice in these directions:

1.    Jivamukti Yoga. Outwardly, it resembles a smooth dance, during which you will feel peace of mind. Practice makes you go further, get rid of the clamps and smile every day.

2.     Yoga Patanjali. It takes full control of emotions and desires, but does not imply asceticism. Classes with this type of yoga are in close connection with the teacher, due to which there is a maximum immersion.

3.    Kripalu. When performing exercises of this type of yoga, you can best work out your spiritual world. This is possible due to the adaptation of exercises for a particular person. Dance, song or massage – you choose, the main thing is awareness and concentration on your feelings.

4.  Tantra Yoga. It is able to direct “empty” desires to internal development, helps to purify the mental essence. Tantra yoga teaches self-love without increasing the human ego. 

We wish you to find your own type of yoga, which will help you not only be in good physical shape, but also develop spiritually. 

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