Low fat diet, 7 days, -4 kg

Losing weight up to 4 kg in 7 days.

The average daily calorie content is 900 Kcal.

The main characteristic of a low-fat diet is a sharp reduction in the menu of products containing fat. So we stimulate the body to rebuild its work and start using its own fat reserves.

We draw your attention to the name of the diet – low fat! It is not necessary to give up fat completely, they are important for the proper functioning of our organs and systems. Lack of fat leads to a lack of vitamins A, D, E in the body and a deficiency of unsaturated fatty acids. Therefore, a long sitting on such a diet is contraindicated.

Low fat diet requirements

So, a low-fat diet involves the elimination of such foods from the diet for a certain time:

– fatty meat (pork, fatty beef, lamb, goose, duck, etc.), skin from any meat, interior fat, lard;

– offal (heart, kidneys, liver, lungs, tongue, brain, stomachs, etc.);

– any sausage products;

– fatty fish (in particular, salmon, carp, eel, mackerel, tuna, herring, sardines) and fish roe;

– milk and sour milk with a fat content of more than 1%;

– butter, margarine, mayonnaise, fatty sauces and dressings;

– egg yolks;

– soybeans;

– beans;

– all kinds of nuts;

– chocolate, cocoa, foods and drinks with a high sugar content;

– any alcohol;

– highly carbonated drinks;

– canned food;

– chips, fast food.

Creating a low-fat diet menu you need, using lean meat (rabbit, turkey, veal, lean beef, horse meat, skinless chicken fillet), fish (perch, trout, flounder, cod, pike). You can grill, boil, or bake protein products. It is allowed to eat low-fat dairy and sour milk products, cereals, any mushrooms, fruits, vegetables. You can leave some bread in the diet, but preferably from wholemeal flour. You can drink empty tea and coffee, in addition to ordinary water, but you should not get carried away with the latter.

So that the body does not face problems due to lack of fat, it is recommended to take rosehip oil and fish oil daily (1 teaspoon or capsule) while sitting on this diet. You can also consume no more than one tablespoon of unrefined vegetable oil per day. Of the sweets on the menu, it is allowed to leave a little natural honey.

Nutritionists advise adhering to a low-fat diet no longer than a week, during which you can lose 4-6 kilograms of excess weight. Below, in the menu, you can familiarize yourself with the diet of three variants of this technique – lasting 4, 5, 7 days. If you feel well, you can stay on the diet for up to 10 days, but no more.

For any type of low-fat technique, fractional meals in moderate portions are recommended. It is desirable that the weight of one meal does not exceed 200-250 grams. It is good for the body to always eat at about the same hours. It is very desirable to connect sports loads, this will help make the body not only slim, but also fit.

So that the lost kilograms do not return at the end of the diet to you again, you need to get out of it very smoothly. Since the technique consists in the significant isolation of fats, it is necessary to increase their amount in the diet gradually. Of course, in the future you should not lean on chips, fast food, cakes, crackers, fatty and fried foods, sweets. Leave enough fruits and vegetables on your table for healthy salads. Drink plenty of clean water. For lunch, try to eat low-fat soups more often. Keep track of the calorie content of food, do not exceed your norm. Then you will keep the result obtained for a long time, and your work on a beautiful body will not be in vain.

Low fat diet menu

Diet of a four-day low-fat diet

Day 1

Breakfast: low-fat cottage cheese and banana casserole.

Snack: 2 baked potatoes and a fresh cucumber.

Lunch: bowl of spinach cream soup; a slice of boiled chicken breast and 2 tbsp. l. brown rice porridge.

Afternoon snack: cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce and various greens in the form of salad.

Dinner: assorted fruits.

Day 2

Breakfast: salad of egg white, cucumber, radish, arugula; a cup of tea; a slice of bran bread or lean cookies.

Snack: baked apple.

Lunch: bowl of vegetable soup without frying; rabbit fillet with stewed vegetables.

Afternoon snack: vegetable stew.

Dinner: apple and orange salad, lightly seasoned with empty yogurt or low-fat kefir.

Day 3

Breakfast: whole grain toast toasted with low-fat cheese; coffee or tea with skim milk.

Snack: a slice of baked turkey and a cucumber.

Lunch: bowl of cream spinach soup; 3-4 tbsp. l. buckwheat; a slice of baked chicken.

Afternoon snack: apple and rice casserole.

Dinner: salad of boiled fish and vegetables.

Day 4

Breakfast: 2 boiled potatoes; salad of beets, herbs and low-fat cheese; green tea.

Snack: boiled vegetables.

Lunch: broccoli-based cream soup; steam fish.

Afternoon snack: salad from boiled turkey breast, lettuce, cucumbers, arugula, various herbs.

Dinner: baked rabbit fillet; 2 tbsp. l. pearl barley; cucumber or tomato.

Diet of a five-day low-fat diet

Day 1

Breakfast: oatmeal steamed with water with 1 tsp. natural honey; coffee or tea.

Snack: apple.

Lunch: a bowl of low-fat vegetable soup; salad of cucumber, tomato, greens; a slice of boiled or baked fish fillet; tea.

Afternoon snack: citrus.

Dinner: one boiled potato with non-starchy vegetable salad.

Day 2

Breakfast: an omelet of 2-3 egg whites (cook in a dry frying pan); a slice of bran bread; tea or coffee.

Snack: a glass of fruit juice.

Lunch: boiled beef fillet; 2-3 st. l. brown rice and a bowl of spinach soup.

Afternoon snack: any fruit.

Dinner: rice casserole with pear and apple slices.

Day 3

Breakfast: fresh orange (can be added with lemon juice); Whole grain toast with low-fat cheese or cottage cheese.

Snack: apple; herbal tea or decoction.

Lunch: mushroom cream soup (small plate); a slice of baked fish fillet; cucumber or tomato.

Afternoon snack: pear and apple salad or fruit juice.

Dinner: boiled chicken fillet and a couple of boiled or baked potatoes with herbs.

Day 4

Breakfast: a portion of salad from any seasonal fruit; tea with ginger root.

Snack: whole grain bread and a cup of tea.

Lunch: salad of tomato, bell pepper, radish, boiled fish and arugula; a glass of low-fat kefir.

Afternoon snack: bowl of vegetable soup.

Dinner: scrambled eggs from two proteins of chicken eggs; a couple of potatoes and a slice of stewed rabbit fillet.

Day 5

Breakfast: oatmeal (you can cook it in low-fat milk) with the addition of fruits or dried fruits; Tea coffee.

Snack: stewed mushrooms in the company of chicken fillet (you can add a small amount of sour cream to the dish).

Lunch: salad of non-starchy vegetables and herbs; two whole grain toasts with lettuce.

Afternoon snack: boiled vegetables; a glass of fruit compote or juice.

Dinner: vegetable stew and turkey fillets.

Diet of a weekly (classic) low-fat diet

1 and 5 days

Breakfast: scrambled eggs from a couple of egg whites; whole grain bread; a glass of fresh.

Snack: two small baked apples.

Lunch: cream soup from lean fish; a couple of tablespoons of buckwheat porridge with mushrooms.

Afternoon snack: half a broom.

Dinner: a cocktail containing milk (or empty yogurt), a little cottage cheese, and any fruit.

2 and 6 days

Breakfast: cottage cheese with apple, seasoned with kefir.

Snack: rice and fruit casserole; tea.

Lunch: salad of rabbit meat and any vegetables; 2 tbsp. l. buckwheat; bowl of vegetable soup.

Snack: pear.

Dinner: duck meat baked with vegetables; decoction of herbs.

3 and 7 days

Breakfast: toast of black or whole grain bread with low-fat curd; tea / coffee or fruit juice.

Snack: pudding.

Lunch: light soup with rye croutons; a couple of tablespoons of rice with tomato.

Afternoon snack: pumpkin porridge.

Dinner: stew of vegetables and any lean meat; a cup of tea.

Day 4

Breakfast: non-starchy fruit; tea or coffee.

Snack: vegetable salad.

Lunch: grilled fish; boiled potatoes; non-starchy fresh vegetable.

Afternoon snack: stewed vegetables in the company of mushrooms.

Dinner: vegetable pudding.

Contraindications to a low-fat diet

A low-fat diet has a number of contraindications.

  • In order not to harm health, it cannot be adhered to with pancreatitis, cholecystitis, anemia.
  • Also, you should not follow such a technique for women who are in an interesting position and during lactation, children, adolescents and people of old age.
  • A taboo for following the rules of a low-fat diet is the presence of any diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, diseases affecting the cardiovascular and endocrine systems, and any chronic diseases during an exacerbation.

Benefits of a low-fat diet

  1. On a low-fat diet, you don’t need to count calories.
  2. The list of permitted products is not small. You won’t have to starve.
  3. The diet is rich in useful components. However, nutritionists still recommend taking a vitamin and mineral complex in order to help the body not to face any problems.
  4. A low-fat diet is generally beneficial to health. Doctors note that such nutrition reduces the risk of heart attack, stroke and other cardiovascular diseases.
  5. The body gets rid of toxins, toxins and other harmful substances.
  6. Of course, it is worth noting that a low-fat diet perfectly fulfills its main function – a person loses weight, and quite quickly. Having a noticeable excess weight, you can get rid of almost a whole kilogram of unnecessary fat ballast per day.

Disadvantages of a low-fat diet

  • To prevent the diet from becoming dangerous, the most important thing is not to be fanatical about it. Some losing weight, noticing the first positive results, exclude fats from their menu completely. Because of this, various problems can arise, in particular, the female sphere suffers. So the fairer sex needs to be very careful about dieting.
  • With a low-fat diet, the body does not receive the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, K and the beneficial unsaturated fatty acids found in animal and vegetable fats.
  • If you are used to eating plentifully and not neglecting fatty foods, then fat-free foods may seem tasteless to you. It takes time to develop new eating habits.
  • Sometimes, with low-fat diets, unpleasant consequences such as dull hair and brittle nails can occur. Some people, due to a lack of fat, begin to feel very cold. If this happens to you, stop your diet immediately.

Reintroducing a low-fat diet

You can only repeat a low-fat diet two or three times a year.

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