What can nails say?

The eyes may be the mirror of the soul, but a general idea of ​​​​health can be obtained by looking at the nails. Healthy and strong, they are not only a guarantee of a beautiful manicure, but also one of the indicators of the state of the body. What dermatologist John Anthony (Cleveland) and Dr. Debra Jaliman (New York) say about this – read on.

“This can happen naturally with age,” says Dr. Anthony. “However, the yellowish color also comes from overuse of nail polish and acrylic extensions.” Smoking is another possible cause.

One of the most common conditions. According to Dr. Jaliman, “Thinned, brittle nails are the result of dryness of the nail plate. The reason could be swimming in chlorinated water, acetone nail polish remover, frequent dishwashing with chemicals without gloves, or simply living in an environment with low humidity.” It is recommended to include healthy vegetable fats in the diet on an ongoing basis, which nourish the body from the inside. If brittle nails are a persistent problem, you should consult a specialist: sometimes this is a symptom of hypothyroidism (insufficient production of thyroid hormones). As an external first aid, use natural oils to lubricate the nail plates, which, like the skin, absorb everything. Dr. Jaliman recommends shea butter and products that contain hyaluronic acid and glycerin. Dietary supplement biotin promotes healthy nail growth.

“Swelling and rounding of the nail can sometimes signal problems with the liver or kidneys,” says Dr. Anthony. If such a symptom does not leave you for a long time, you should consult a doctor.

Many people think that white spots on the nail plates indicate a lack of calcium in the body, but this is not always the case. “Typically, these spots don’t say much in terms of health,” says Dr. Anthony.

“Transverse bulges or tubercles on the nails often occur as a result of direct trauma to the nail, or in connection with a serious disease. In the latter case, more than one nail is affected, says Dr. Anthony. The reason why internal disease can be reflected in the nails? The body is forced to make great efforts to fight the disease, saving its energy for the most important tasks. In a literal sense, the body says: “I have more important tasks than the healthy growth of nails.” Chemotherapy can also cause deformation of the nail plate.

As a rule, this is a safe phenomenon that occurs in connection with the aging of the body and is considered safe. “Just like wrinkles on the face, vertical lines appear as a result of natural aging,” says Dr. Jaliman.

The spoon-shaped nail is a very thin plate that takes on a concave shape. According to Dr. Jaliman, “This is usually associated with iron deficiency anemia.” In addition, excessively pale nails can also be a sign of anemia.

If you find black pigmentation (for example, stripes) on the plates, this is a call to see a doctor. “There is a possibility of melanoma, which can manifest itself through the nails. If you notice the corresponding changes, it is very important to contact a specialist as soon as possible.

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