Nutritious diet, 7 days, +3 kg

Weight gain up to 3 kg in 7 days.

The average daily calorie content is 2100 Kcal.

As a rule, the word “diet” is positioned with the desire to lose weight. But those people who need to gain weight also sit on diets.

Various reasons lead to underweight – digestive problems, allergic reactions, hormone imbalances and other health abnormalities. In any case, the situation needs to be corrected. For this purpose, specialists have developed a nutritional method that has become widespread under the name “nutritious diet”.

Nutrient Diet Requirements

The peculiarity of a nutritious diet is that its menu contains significantly more calories than the recommended norm. According to the requirements of this technique, it is worth eating about 2100-3400 energy units daily. Increase the calorie intake gradually, adding about 200-300 calories daily. The diet lasts 1-4 weeks, depending on your goals. If it is necessary to gain more weight and it was not possible to do this by the end of the diet period, be sure to consult a doctor before continuing the diet.

A nutritious (aka satisfying) diet prescribes the use of meat in various forms (this is the main product of the menu), as well as eggs, cereals, vegetables, fruits, cheese and other high-calorie foods. Since the diet of this diet has a wide range of calories, you can eat all your favorite foods, in particular sweets. But the emphasis is still on the right healthy food. This will provide the body with all the substances and components necessary for its normal functioning, which is especially important now.

It is necessary to switch to a nutritious diet smoothly in order to avoid a strong load on the digestive system and, instead of the necessary benefits, do not harm the body even more. At the same time, do not forget about sufficient water intake, adequate sleep and physical activity (unless, of course, the body is depleted). After all, you want to gain muscle and gain an attractive body, and not flabbiness and even more fat? Take care of your body (for example, massage yourself, at least). This will reduce the risk of stretch marks and other unattractiveness due to the expansion of the figure. Usually in one nutritious week it is possible to gain 3-5 kilograms.

Nutritious diet menu

Example of a weekly diet of a nutritious diet (option 1)

Day 1

Breakfast: a slice of bran bread with butter; Tea coffee.

Second breakfast: a piece of boiled beef (100 g); loaf; tomato.

Lunch: bowl of cabbage soup; bran loaf; 100 g of beef stewed in a small amount of vegetable oil; semolina porridge (2 tbsp. l.); banana; tea.

Afternoon snack: grapefruit and figs (4-5 pcs.).

Dinner: stewed offal (100 g); about the same amount of mashed potatoes, tea.

Day 2

Breakfast: corn or oatmeal (a couple of tablespoons), seasoned with milk; Tea coffee).

Second breakfast: baked or fried beef (100 g) and 2-3 pcs. walnuts.

Lunch: a plate (about 250 ml) of borscht; a slice of cooked sausage or meat; 2 slices of bran bread; a couple of almond nuts; orange.

Afternoon snack: half a glass of cabbage broth; figs (5-6 pcs.).

Dinner: offal (100 g), stewed in a small amount of vegetable oil; buckwheat porridge (140-150 g); loaf; tea.

Day 3

Breakfast: prunes (4 pcs.); tea or mineral water.

Second breakfast: stewed pork (90-100 g); canned green peas (100 g); tangerine or half an orange and figs (5-6 pcs.).

Lunch: 200-250 ml of chicken soup; 1 slice of bran bread; 150 g mashed potatoes; fried fish (100 g); apple and tea.

Afternoon snack: fruit juice; 4 things. prunes.

Dinner: fried or baked fish (100 g); rice porridge (100 g); bran bread (1 slice); pear.

Day 4

Breakfast: 2 waffles; Tea coffee.

Second breakfast: boiled or baked chicken fillet (100-120 g); vegetables in the same amount; bran loaf, greased with a little butter, figs 4-5 pcs.

Lunch: ear (about 200 ml); 70 g of sausage or meat; bran bread (2 slices); 5 plums; Tea coffee.

Afternoon snack: steak (100 g).

Dinner: steamed meat cutlet (100 g); two potatoes in uniforms; loaf; 100 g of berries.

Day 5

Breakfast: a sandwich made from bran bread and ham; tea or coffee; 3 prunes.

Second breakfast: steam cutlet; 100 g of corn or oatmeal, seasoned with milk.

Lunch: cabbage soup (200-250 ml); 100 g of boiled beef fillet; 1-2 slices of bran bread and an apple.

Afternoon snack: a glass of tomato juice and 2 loaves, 4-5 pcs. figs and walnuts;

Dinner: stewed or fried liver (100 g); boiled beans (100 g); apple and pear salad, which can be seasoned with empty yogurt or kefir; tea.

Day 6

Breakfast: orange and roasted peanuts (6-8 nucleoli); tea or mineral water.

Second breakfast: fried or baked beef (100 g); vegetable salad (2-3 tbsp. l.); 4-5 pcs. figs and walnuts; coffee Tea).

Lunch: bowl of mushroom soup; steam meat or fish cutlet weighing about 100 g; a slice of bran bread; 100 g of boiled broccoli; 1 grated carrot, sprinkled with lemon juice (you can add a little sugar or honey to it); apple and tea.

Afternoon snack: a handful of any nuts (you can mix it) and a glass of apple or other fruit juice.

Dinner: 100 g of beef steak (grilled); mashed potatoes (2-3 tbsp. l.); a slice of bran bread; peach and a cup of tea.

Day 7

Breakfast: a sandwich made from bran bread and a slice of cheese; a glass of mineral water or tea.

Second breakfast: 100 g of corn or oatmeal, seasoned with milk; beef fried in vegetable oil (100g); a couple of slices of chocolate or other favorite sweets, coffee (tea).

Lunch: bowl of cabbage soup; 100 g pork fillet, stewed in the company of onions; 3-4 tbsp. l. buckwheat porridge; bran bread (1-2 slices); 5 plums and tea.

Afternoon snack: grapefruit; waffles or cookies (50-60 g).

Dinner: steamed meat cutlet (100 g); a tomato; tea with honey and lemon; banana.

Example of a weekly diet of a nutritious diet (option 2)

Day 1

Breakfast: 2 slices of bread, greased with butter and fruit jam; coffee or tea with milk.

Second breakfast: a bun and a glass of yogurt.

Lunch: bowl of soup with liver dumplings; fried or stewed chicken fillet; a couple of baked potatoes; compote and a couple of sweets or other favorite sweets.

Afternoon snack: biscuit and a cup of tea.

Dinner: a couple of baked pies with any filling; tea; if desired, a glass of red wine.

Shortly before bed: a pear or other fruit.

Day 2

Breakfast: bun with jam or preserves; a cup of cocoa with cream.

Second breakfast: a slice of bread; boiled egg and tea with lemon.

Lunch: soup with tomatoes and cheese; schnitzel; two boiled potatoes; a handful of strawberries with whipped cream.

Afternoon snack: bun; coffee or tea with the addition of milk.

Dinner: stewed beef liver and lettuce.

Shortly before bed: chopped carrots in the company of an apple.

Day 3

Breakfast: boiled sausages (2-3 pcs.); bread with butter and jam; Tea coffee.

Second breakfast: a glass of yogurt and a slice of bread.

Lunch: a plate of borscht; a couple of pancakes with jam or jam; tea.

Afternoon snack: 3-4 tbsp. l. cottage cheese with honey.

Dinner: fillet of lamb stewed in the company of beans; a piece of bread.

Shortly before bed: any fruit.

Day 4

Breakfast: two eggs, fried with ham; slice of bread; Tea with lemon.

Second breakfast: milk or kefir (glass); bun.

Lunch: vegetable soup with beef; boiled potatoes (2-3 pcs.); salad of carrots, apples and walnuts.

Afternoon snack: cupcake and a cup of cocoa with milk.

Dinner: a couple of dumplings; beef fillet stewed with paprika; any fruit.

Just before bed: pear.

Day 5

Breakfast: bun, greased with butter and jam (jam); a couple of slices of cheese; Tea coffee.

Second breakfast: boiled or fried egg; slice of bread.

Lunch: bowl of goulash soup; rice and fruit casserole; a slice of bread, tea.

Afternoon snack: a couple of bananas.

Dinner: meatballs stewed in tomato sauce; slice of bread; favorite sweet or fruit for dessert.

Shortly before bed: a cup of compote or a handful of dried fruit or fruit.

Day 6

Breakfast: 2 slices of bread with butter; tea / coffee (possible with milk).

Second breakfast: a slice of bread with boiled sausage or meat.

Lunch: potato soup; potato and meat casserole; salad (white cabbage and greens).

Afternoon snack: a cup of cocoa and a couple of cookies.

Dinner: pilaf with lamb and tomato.

Shortly before bed: a couple of baked apples.

Day 7

Breakfast: 2 sandwiches with cheese, tomatoes; Bell pepper; Tea coffee.

Second breakfast: an omelet of two eggs and ham (or meat); Tea with lemon.

Lunch: green bean soup; onion roast; a couple of baked potatoes and tomatoes; for dessert, eat a fruit or a piece of your favorite sweet.

Afternoon snack: 2 bananas.

Dinner: boiled or stewed carp fillet; a couple of potatoes in uniforms; a glass of juice or compote.

Shortly before bed: a glass of milk.

Contraindications for a nutritious diet

  1. Contraindications to the observance of this technique are serious diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular system, diabetes mellitus.
  2. Of course, you should not eat like this if you are obese or simply overweight.
  3. You cannot stick to a nutritious diet if a different diet is recommended for your health.
  4. Before increasing the amount of servings and calories, it is advisable to consult a doctor to find out the true reasons for excessive thinness.

Benefits of a Nutritious Diet

  • On such a diet, you can easily and painlessly gain the missing weight. At the same time, you can eat tasty and varied, leaving your favorite foods in the diet.
  • The fractional meals prescribed by the method contributes to the fact that you will be comfortable and hungry while following this diet.
  • Also, the nutritional technique will allow the body to receive all the necessary substances, which will help it to function fully. In addition, mood and well-being improves with a nutritious diet.
  • The technique is universal, suitable for both sexes. Physical activity does not decrease (and, as a rule, even increases), so you can play sports and lead a fulfilling lifestyle without any problems.

Disadvantages of a nutritious diet

  • There are no visible drawbacks to a nutritious diet. It is possible that due to busyness, some people find it difficult to switch to the recommended fractional meals.
  • Those who are not used to spending time in the kitchen preparing food will have to rebuild, because a nutritious diet involves the introduction of many boiled, baked and otherwise processed dishes into the diet.
  • Of course, you can also purchase ready-made food. But it is known that its quality runs the risk of being much worse than the one that you cook with your own hands.
  • Note that with a nutritious diet, it is very important to send the most useful and always fresh food to the stomach.

Reapplying a nutritious diet

Before reintroducing a nutritious diet, if you need to go back to it, be sure to consult your doctor.

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