Let’s celebrate Egg Day: a holiday for lovers of eggs, omelets, casserole


October 12 marks World Egg Day. And no matter how bad or good scientists have already pointed out about this product, we still eat eggs. Tai is still worth eating. At least one a day.

Eggs are a universal food product, they are popular in the cuisine of all countries and cultures, largely due to the fact that they can be eaten in different ways.

22 years have passed since the beginning of the gastronomic holiday. And there are already certain traditions, as Egg Day is celebrated in every country. Hold family competitions, lectures, promotions and flash mobs. And some catering establishments even prepare a special menu to this day, surprising visitors with a variety of egg dishes.


The editorial staff of Food & Mood has decided to join the celebration and we invite you.

What you need to know about eggs

Eggs are absorbed by the human body by 97%. That is, protein and 12 vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, copper and iron are beneficial. Chicken, quail and ostrich eggs are used for food. Guinea fowl eggs are consumed less often, and goose and duck can be taken only for baking.

The most caloric are quail eggs – 168 calories per 100 grams. In a chicken egg – 157 calories per 100 grams; and in ostrich 118 calories per 100 grams. 

To reduce the calorie content of eggs, it is recommended to eat it boiled, then it has only 63 calories, and fried 5 times more – 358 calories per 100 grams.

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Boil, fry, bake

Eggs are an ideal product for breakfast. Cook them easily and quickly, and there are many options for dishes. Especially since there are 9 cooking devices that will help to prepare an appetizing dish neatly and literally in minutes.

Meet: egg gadgets!

Stand for cooking eggs you will need to boil several eggs at once. They will not touch each other, will not fight and the shell will not crack.

Forms for poached eggs – these are silicone cups into which the egg is broken, preferably so that the yolk is not damaged. The forms are placed in boiling water, and the structure is closed with a lid – and in a minute the egg is ready. Simple and without dirt in the kitchen. In the same molds, you can bake eggs in portions in the oven, adding slices of ham or salted red fish. By the way, they can be replaced by molds for cupcakes and muffins.

Egg timer Is a device that we put in a pan for cooking eggs. It changes color depending on the degree of readiness of the eggs – hard or soft. You want the yolk to spread – immediately see when you need to stop cooking. 

Forms for cooking eggs without the shell they help to cook the eggs to a state of “cool”, and at the same time they do not need to be cleaned. The egg is broken into a form, then it is tightly closed and immersed in boiling water. Done!

Egg cookers have several advantages over the classic pot of boiling water, where we cook eggs. They will cook the eggs themselves to the desired state: cool, “in a bag” and so on. They are steamed, so eggs will be tastier and healthier than boiled in water. do not crack or leak.

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A very useful device for those who bake and adore meringue – separator for yolk. Fast and convenient – separates the yolk from the protein.

Egg fryers – special forms for cooking eggs, omelets or steamed scramble.

Mini beater for lovers of omelets. In order not to wash often a large blender or mixer.


Forms for eggs in the form of rings, hearts, pistols or skulls – there are a huge number of different shapes for eggs. Cool and fun for kids, Thai adults sometimes fry so perfectly round eggs for burgers.

Egg cutter with the help of thin metal darts cut a boiled egg at the level of transverse circles. Add bread, sprats or herring – and delicious sandwiches are ready.

And even if you don’t have all these gadgets, nothing will stop you from celebrating World Egg Day deliciously and usefully. Prepare omelets, shakshuks, scrambles, muffins according to recipes that are already on our website. 


Delicious celebration!

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