Chaga – birch mushroom on guard of health

Chaga also grows in birch forests: in Russia (in the forests of the middle belt, in the Urals and in the adjacent regions of Siberia, in the Komi Republic), in Eastern Europe, as well as in the north of the USA, and even in Korea. It is believed that the Russian chaga is more useful, because. frosts affecting the fungus are stronger with us.

The process of self-preparation of useful raw materials from chaga is not so simple, and includes the collection, drying, grinding and preparation of a healing infusion or decoction. In addition, it also grows on a birch, which experienced mushroom pickers distinguish by a number of true signs. It is also necessary to carry out radiation control of the fungus. Therefore, many people prefer finished products – teas, extracts, chaga infusions – this is safe and convenient. In addition, this chaga is easier to store.

The mushroom contains:

– polyphenolcarboxylic complex, which has the highest biological activity and is the most powerful biogenic stimulator – a number of important biologically active substances and organic acids, including agaricic and humic-like chagic acids; – melanin – stimulates metabolic processes in humans and fights inflammation polysaccharides; – in a small amount – organic acids (oxalic, acetic, formic, vanillic, lilac, etc.); – tetracyclic triterpenes exhibiting antiblastic activity (useful in oncology); – pterins (useful in the treatment of oncological diseases); – fiber (good for digestion); – flavonoids (nutritious, tonic substances); – in large quantities – manganese, which is an activator of enzymes; – trace elements necessary for the body: copper, barium, zinc, iron, silicon, aluminum, calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium.


Chaga reduces pain, inflammation and spasms, improves immunity, general tone and enhances antioxidant protection, due to this it is used as a tonic and “rejuvenating” remedy.

· “Tea” from chaga normalizes high blood pressure, evens out and slows down the rhythm of the heartbeat.

Chaga is useful for the male body, it is used as a tonic, prophylactic agent.

Decoctions, tinctures and extracts of chaga (and in the people – just chaga, dried on an oven and brewed like tea) are used as a symptomatic remedy for stomach ulcers, gastritis, and for malignant tumors as a tonic and analgesic.

Chaga also has moderate diuretic, antimicrobial, antifungal and antiviral effects.

Promotes scarring of stomach and duodenal ulcers.

Has a mild diuretic effect.

Reduces blood sugar levels.

Based on chaga, medical preparations have been created, including Befungin (an analgesic and general tonic for chronic gastritis, dyskinesia of the gastrointestinal tract, and gastric ulcer), and “Chaga infusion” (Tinctura Fungi betulini) – a remedy that alleviates the condition of patients with oncology, and also an immunostimulant, moderately tonic, thirst-quenching and gastric agent.

In folk medicine, chaga has been known since the XNUMXth century, it is used both internally and outwardly: in the form of separate lotions or as part of complex ointments for wounds, burns, which helps them to heal quickly.

CONTRAINDICATIONS and LIMITATIONS: 1. Tea and other remedies based on chaga are not recommended for use in diseases accompanied by fluid retention in the body – this can cause swelling.

2. Also, some people with prolonged use of chaga have increased excitability, difficulty falling asleep. These side effects are symptomatic, and completely disappear when the dose is reduced or the drug is discontinued.

3. Medicines based on chaga have a strong effect, chaga is a strong biogenic stimulant. Their use can cause powerful cleansing processes in the body, so it is better to consult a doctor before taking chaga.

4. In addition, it is advisable to consult a doctor before taking chaga during pregnancy and lactation.

Chaga cannot be boiled like ordinary mushrooms for food, and preparations from it cannot be brewed with boiling water to obtain the beneficial properties described above.

To enhance the effect of “tea” and other preparations from chaga, during the course of taking it is better to exclude from the diet: meat and meat products, especially sausages and smoked meats, as well as hot and strong spices (pepper, etc.), vegetables that burn to taste , marinades and pickles, coffee and strong black tea. 

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