How is a cucumber different from a person?

People often ask me: “If you don’t want to kill anyone, then why are you killing cucumbers, doesn’t it hurt them to die too?” Strong argument, isn’t it?


Consciousness is the ability to realize, understand what is happening around. Any living being (plants, insects, fish, birds, animals, etc.) has consciousness. Consciousness has many levels. The consciousness of an amoeba has one level, a tomato bush another, a fish a third, a dog a fourth, a man a fifth. All these living beings have different levels of consciousness and depending on it they stand in the hierarchy of life.

A person stands at the highest level of awareness and therefore the forced death of a person is so severely punished by the law and condemned by society. The death of a human fetus (an unborn child) does not yet have such a high level of awareness as a full-fledged person, therefore, in many countries, abortion is not murder, but is equated with a simple medical procedure. And of course, for killing a monkey, or a horse, you are not threatened with imprisonment, because their level of consciousness is much lower than that of a person. We will keep silent about the consciousness of a cucumber, because compared to the consciousness of even a rabbit, a cucumber is a complete idiot.

Now let’s think can a person not eat anyone? Basically. In theory. Well, do not eat animals, do not eat live fruits, cereals, etc.? Obviously not. Human life is built on the death of other less conscious beings. Even those that do not eat anything, the so-called sun-eaters, and they kill bacteria and insects in the course of their life.

I am leading to the fact that DO NOT kill anyone at all. Therefore, if it is NECESSARY, you need to think about how to make these losses minimal. Of course, first of all, we will have to abandon cannibalism (devouring people). Thank God, we have overcome this habit almost on the entire planet. Then, we will have to refuse to eat animals with a high level of consciousness, such as whales, dolphins, monkeys, horses, dogs, cats. Thank God there are almost no problems with this either. Almost. Okay, there are problems.

After that, we will give up the choice: eat or not eat domestic animals, birds, fish, insects, shellfish, etc. Having given up all this, we will face a reasonable compromise with our conscience: we can eat fruits, fruits and cereals that nature itself created with a low level of consciousness and as food for higher life forms. Indeed, for whom are so many juicy fruits and fruits created? Why does nature create them specifically to be eaten and then spread their seeds and pits?

Homo sapiens! Is it really so difficult for you to understand these terribly sophisticated esoteric truths? Are you really such an idiot that you do not see the difference between a cucumber and a person or a cow? No, I still have a more positive opinion about people. 🙂

We are just used to eating whatever comes to hand. ON-OFF. They got used to not thinking about what the legs and chops are made of. They got used to not paying attention to crushed animals, birds and small animals. Of course we’re used to it. Nafig need other people’s problems. We have enough problems ourselves. That’s right, there are enough problems! And there will be even more, until we stop being mindless creatures that devour everything.

I do not call today to forget your habits. I urge you not to close your eyes to your own idiocy. Don’t be so stupid as to ask the question: “If you don’t want to kill anyone, why the hell are you killing cucumbers, doesn’t it hurt them to die too?”

And I never tire of repeating the words of the great Leo Tolstoy: “You can’t be sinless. But it is possible to become less and less sinful every year, month and day. This is the true life and the true good of every person.”<.strong>

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