Interesting facts about parrots

In nature, there are many varieties of parrots, but all of them have a number of distinctive features in common. For example, for a bird to be classified as a parrot, it must have curved cranberries and four toes (two pointing forward and two pointing back). We offer you to get acquainted with informative information about your favorite bird since childhood! 1) Parrots are the only birds capable of.

2) Some types of parrots can. Macaws are the longest-lived parrots.

3) The parrot has a very strong beak! In fact, the beak of the hyacinth macaw – the largest flying parrot in the world -. It is believed that the Brazil nut shell is the strongest of all.

4) Parrots find themselves. Interestingly, even after the breeding season, the female and male remain with each other. They help each other find food, show care, sleep together.

5) The Egyptians first tamed the parrot, then the Indians and the Chinese. Famous historical figures such as Marco Polo, Queen Isabella, Aristotle, Theodore Roosevelt and Martha Washington kept a parrot with them.

6) White cockatoo parrots, unlike their counterparts, cannot boast of a bright color due to the lack of pigment. But they can, located on their heads!

7) The world’s largest parrot… can’t fly! . Kakapo is also a unique parrot, active at night.

8) Kea, the kakapo’s cousin, is also a very unique bird! While most parrots live in warm areas,. Thick feathers and rounded body allows them to keep warm.

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