Interesting facts about human eyes

The mirror of the soul and a reflection of inner beauty, the eyes, together with the brain, do a serious job so that we live fully, learn this world with all its diversity and colors. How often it is difficult for us to keep eye contact, today we will talk about them: alluring and mysterious.

1. In fact, the retina of the eye perceives the entire surrounding reality from top to bottom. After that, the brain flips the image for our perception.

2. The image of the surrounding world is perceived by the retina in half. Each half of our brain receives 12 images of the outside world, after which the brain connects them together, allowing us to see what we see.

3. The retina does not recognize red. The “red” receptor recognizes yellow-green colors, and the “green” receptor recognizes blue-green colors. The brain combines these signals, turning them red.

4. Our peripheral vision is very low resolution and almost black and white.

5. Brown-eyed people are old school. All people originally had brown eyes, blue eyes appeared as a mutation about 6000 years ago.

6. The average person blinks 17 times per minute.

7. A nearsighted person has an eyeball larger than usual. The farsighted has a smaller eyeball.

8. The size of your eyes remains almost the same from birth.

9. A tear has a different composition depending on whether it comes from eye irritation, yawning or emotional shock.

10. The human eye is capable of recognizing 10 million different colors.

11. In digital camera terms, the human eye has a resolution equivalent to 576 megapixels.

12. The cornea of ​​the human eye is like a shark’s. Who knows, the time may come when the shark’s cornea will be used in transplant surgery!

13. The lightning-fast signaling protein is named after the adorable Pokemon Pikachu. Discovered by Japanese scientists in 2008, the protein plays an important role in the transmission of visual signals from the eyes to the brain, as well as in the eye following a moving object.

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