Interesting facts about dates

Most of the countries of Central Asia and North Africa are the habitat for such a sweet fruit as dates. Being one of the most common natural sweets, this dried fruit is added to all kinds of vegan pies, cakes, ice cream, smoothies and even sweet salads. We will consider some cognitive facts about dates. 1. One cup of dates contains about 400 calories, 27% of the recommended daily allowance for potassium and 48% of the daily requirement for fiber. 2. There is a very small chance of being allergic to dates. 3. Due to the fact that the date palm and its fruits have a variety of uses – from food to building material – in Central Asia it is known as the “tree of life” and is the national symbol of Saudi Arabia and Israel. 4. Date palm seeds can lie dormant for many decades before the necessary conditions of light and water for growth. 5. Some scholars believe that the date (not the apple) was the fruit mentioned in the Garden of Eden in the Bible. 6. Dates were probably cultivated 8000 years ago in what is now Iraq. 7. Date palm requires at least 100 days with a temperature of 47 degrees. Celsius and a large amount of water for the growth of quality fruits. 8. Dates and buttermilk are the traditional food of Muslims, with which they end the fast of Ramadan after sunset. 9. Approximately 3% of the world’s agricultural crops are date palms, which bring 4 million tons of crops per year. 10. There are over 200 varieties of dates. With a high sugar content (93 grams per cup), many varieties have a low glycemic index. 11. In Oman, when a son is born, parents plant a date palm. It is believed that the tree that grows with him will give him and his family protection and prosperity.

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