In the school cafeteria, veggie burgers are cooked on the same grill as meat burgers. What can I do?

This is a question that many vegetarians face. It can be awkward and embarrassing to voice your concerns, especially in your school cafeteria. Don’t be afraid – there are many ways to improve the situation, and people are more likely to change their behavior than you think!

You can, for example, ask to clean the grill before heating your burger. Make sure you are respectful enough in your request. If this does not help, contact your school principal. Make an appointment with the principal of the school.

Explain to him that the vegetarian lifestyle is becoming more and more common, and it would be good to solve this problem by making changes to the dining room menu. You can arrange to purchase a separate small grill for preparing vegetarian dishes. If you are hesitant to speak to the principal in person, you can ask an appropriate teacher or write a letter to the district education office.

For best results, enlist the support of school food staff. Ultimately, you have the right to take whatever steps you need to help officials resolve problems and meet your needs.  


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