In Spain, wine was released for well, very daring gourmets

The Spanish company Gik Live is known for its unusual wines. So, we have already talked about the released wine of bright blue color, and after another one – already bright turquoise. 

And there was also pink wine “Tears of the unicorn”

Now winemakers from the Bierzo region, in the north-west of Spain, have presented to the world their new development – Bastarde wine. This exclusive drink is positioned as the spicy wine in the world.

It is made with red Grenache grapes and Habanero chili peppers. During the infusion, about 125 g of pepper is added to each bottle of wine.


The goal of the producers was to create a wine that only the truly brave people would dare to taste. The wine is packaged in black bottles and is sold in the online store for between 11 and 13 euros.

Those who have already tasted it say that it is not just “wine with chili notes”, but “very spicy wine”. It is recommended to be served with hearty meat dishes and hamburgers.

Gik Live intends to supply its drink to countries where spicy cuisine is popular, such as India, Vietnam and Mexico.  

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