Pig cafe opened in Japan

Cat cafes have already become a familiar reality. But Japan has always been distinguished by innovation in the field of catering. So, we have already talked about a Japanese restaurant, which cooks taking into account the DNA of guests and about a Japanese hotel dedicated to udon noodles. 

A new unusual Japanese cafe is dedicated to animals, which every day more and more confidently compete with cats – small decorative pigs. True, the fashion for pigs came from America, in Japan they are not yet so popular. There were. But now, perhaps, many Japanese will seriously think about getting a pretty pig. 

Tokyo cafe Mipig, as conceived by the owners, is designed to better acquaint the Japanese with cute pigs. Cafe officials claim that the pigs that live in the cafe are so small that some of them can fit in a cup. But guests are warned not to be so seduced by the size of the patches – adult dwarf pigs will be larger.


It is noted that you can buy a pig in the cafe. “We would very much like the piglets to fall in love with the Japanese and become beloved members of the family,” the organizers note.

It should be noted that today in Japan there are many cafes where visitors can drink coffee in the company of hedgehogs, as well as even plush moomins. It helps relieve stress and helps you relax. And for single people, this is a great chance to be in great company.

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