If you really want meat, Or once again about “meat substitutes”

1. Meaty Tips

Before we dive into vegan alternatives to the usual meat dishes, let me give you a couple of well-done meaty tips for all occasions and cooking. The most important thing is to learn a simple fact: when we eat meat, what seems tasty to you is not a muscle at all (that is, not a muscle) – but, in fact, its accompanying characteristics that spices, marinade, and, of course, give this muscle cooking method. So all these characteristics can be successfully duplicated by completely removing this ill-fated muscle from the dish! You can easily get a very meat-like product based on tofu, seitan, or mushrooms.

The “meaty” flavor can be achieved by using the right spices or special beef-flavored vegan “meat” broths, as well as other little tricks to get that amazing salty taste that I used to love so much in meat. In the “alternative” dish, you should use exactly those seasonings and sauces that are traditionally used to prepare the meat version (for example, ketchup with a vegan hot dog) – because we clearly associate their taste with meat, and this will add credibility to the dish.

2. Burgers

Burger is perhaps the most “hit” beef dish. At least, I personally liked it the most. Therefore, if you refused meat, it would seem, what kind of burgers are there? But in reality, there are simply tons of recipes for vegan burgers! Including they are prepared from beans and other legumes, as well as broccoli, sweet peppers, eggplant, carrots, mushrooms, potatoes or even carrots. But if you want a really “convincing” juicy meat-like vegan burger, my advice is to go with seitan. And take the usual “equipment” for it: slices of vegan cheese and vegan bacon, green lettuce leaves, tomato and onion, cut into circles. Don’t forget ketchup, vegan mayonnaise, or vegan BBQ sauce.

3. Steaks and ribs

Some people get hooked on meat dishes (such as steak or ribs) because they need to be chewed well. So what is a vegan to do if he wants to put his chewing muscles to work, but eat something more tangible than a baked potato with salad? There is a way out – the wonderful product seitan already known to us. It’s similar to meat in many ways, and in terms of flavor and firmness, there are plenty of recipes on the internet to make hearty, mind-blowing “ribs” in seitan or tempeh – it just takes a little skill. And another good tip: add the fried onion and tomato paste and season them more spicy, for example, with chili peppers.

4. Hot dog and sausages

You know what’s the joke with regular, non-vegan hot dogs? There is almost no meat in them. This, in fact, is not even a joke, but rather an unpleasant fact: even expensive brands put just who knows what in hot dogs. Vegan “hot dogs” are an order of magnitude better and healthier. Seitan – juicy and very similar in taste to Frankfurter. Smoked bean sausages are a little more difficult to prepare, but of course, they are also very good! And of course, the “presence effect” of a hot dog is noticeably enhanced by the usual ketchup, mayonnaise (vegan) and mustard!

Since we are talking about seasonings, pull yourself together and learn how to make homemade ketchup already: it is really healthier than store-bought and tasty. Or you can make a “multi-vegetable” sauce like lecho, based on stewed onions and sweet peppers with seasonings to taste. Weak?

4. Broth

What is the strength of meat broth? That he is savory. But the meat can be completely removed! Vegan “meat” broths are just as hearty, hot, and delicious. Seitan, tofu, tempeh, or even vegetables properly cooked with spices, herbs, and sauces will make even the hardened meat eater beg for more. So everything is in your hands!

5. Dishes from twisted meat

A lot of different cutlets and meatballs are prepared from minced meat. The good news is that there is a vegan alternative for them too. Tempe is here to help! Properly cooked, with spices, they reliably imitate the taste of minced meat dishes.

Tempeh can be ground by hand, or better yet, in a food processor for a “just like ground beef” texture. And soy texturate is generally the best way to get minced meat without killing anyone! It is a highly versatile culinary product derived from dehydrated soybeans. By briefly soaking it in water or boiling it for a couple of minutes, and then grinding it in a food processor, you can turn texturate into delicious and healthy cutlets or meatballs with the taste and texture of meat. If you need to exclude gluten, then you can cook “cutlets” from cauliflower. Of course, don’t forget the beans. Don’t limit your imagination, be creative!


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