Vegetarian Dating: Finding a Life Partner Who Shares Your Diet

Regardless of the benefits of a plant-based diet, vegetarianism is still a minority. In this connection, the search for a soulmate who shares the vegan diet is often fraught with difficulties.

Publicist Alex Burke is a strict vegan. He does not consume any animal products. His last two girls also adhered to Veanism. At the moment he is free. Alex is looking for his love naturally with a vegetarian diet.

“I dated both traditional food and vegetarian girls. The thing is, it’s much easier when I can eat her food and she can eat mine,” Burke says. However, eating convenience isn’t the only reason Burke wants to find a soul mate with the same diet. The reason is also ethical. In his opinion, the consumption of meat is immoral.

“I can’t put up with eating meat, just like people beating their children. I don’t want to be part of animal cruelty,” Burke says.

However, finding a vegan girlfriend (friend) is akin to looking for a needle in a haystack. The British Vegetarian Society estimates that there are 150 vegans in the UK out of a total population of 000 million. That’s about 65 in 1 people.

Like Bourquet, Rob Masters, a Londoner, does not imagine his life with a man of meat eating habits. In his 16 years of veganism, he says, this way of eating has become part of his personality. There are approximately 20 vegans in London. “This may sound impressive, but in reality it is 000% of the population. You are unlikely to meet by chance. In this regard, he organizes meetings of vegetarians in London.

According to Masters, vegan women are more likely to put up with a passion for an omnivore diet.

“When my vegan friends and I get together, we sometimes allow ourselves to complain about women choosing non-vegetarian partners,” Masters says.

Take Arden Levine from New York as an example. After meeting her husband, she was a vegetarian for some time and has recently become a vegan. “On our second date, he told me he bought two vegetarian cookbooks. I was very touched by how open he is to everything new,” says Levin, “I do not limit my husband in what he eats.”

Of course, there are also men who are ready to be flexible and tolerant to the nutrition of their soul mate. Gary McIndoy became a vegetarian at the age of 12. He grew up in northern Scotland, where the chance of meeting a vegetarian girl is close to zero. At the moment, his girlfriend is a vegetarian, and he accepts her with this diet. “There are feelings when people, despite their differences, support and accept each other. And it works,” he says.

Masters says: “I would certainly prefer a vegetarian as a life partner, but you never know who your heart will choose.”

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