Homeopathy: pros and cons

The second most widespread medical system in the world is homeopathy. The basic principle on which this alternative form of medicine is based is that like cures like. Homeopathy uses minerals and plants to make medicines. Consider the positive aspects of this medical approach, as well as its features. – Since homeopathic preparations are made by potentiating herbal and mineral components, they are safe for both children and pregnant women who are sensitive to official medicine. Homeopathic treatment is aimed at eliminating the cause, not the symptoms of the disease. This is especially important in the treatment of chronic cases, for which homeopathy works successfully. “It is not a single disease or organ that is considered, but the whole person as a whole, as a system. Homeopathy does not treat the disease, but the person. – Homeopathy does not suppress the immune system, while most conventional medicine has a suppressive effect. For example, cough medicines suppress the cough reflex, which, meanwhile, is one of the ways to cleanse the body. — It is rather difficult to distinguish a professional, knowledgeable homeopath from an incompetent doctor. – The selection of the most similar drug for your constitution can take a lot of time, since the doctor needs to take into account a huge number of nuances and factors. For example, three people with eczema will be prescribed three different medications. The choice of drug will depend on the nature of the rash, localization, other accompanying symptoms and many different nuances. Thus, a professional is needed who can analyze a specific case in great detail and select one of the many drugs. In general, homeopathy is a wonderful tool in the treatment of chronic diseases and in most cases shows a significant improvement in the condition, or a complete cure. For advice, try to find a proven and experienced professional. Be healthy!

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