Healing properties of meditation

“Meditation promotes healing. When the mind is calm, alert and peaceful, then, like a laser beam, a powerful source is formed that starts the healing process” – Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

Only a healthy bud can bloom. By analogy, only a healthy body can succeed. So what does it mean to be healthy? To achieve an excellent state of health, a person must remain calm in mind, emotionally stable and stable. The concept of “health” refers not only to the body, but also to consciousness. The clearer the mind, the healthier the person. Meditation increases the level of Prana (Life Energy)  (essential vital energy) is the basis of health and well-being for both mind and body. Prana can be increased through meditation. The more Prana in your body, the more energy, inner fullness you feel. Lack of Prana is felt in lethargy, apathy, lack of enthusiasm. Fight disease through meditation It is believed that the root of the disease is in our minds. So, clearing our mind, putting things in order in it, we can speed up the recovery process. Diseases can develop due to: • Violation of natural laws: for example, overeating. • Epidemics • Karmic causes Nature provides resources for self-healing. Health and disease are part of physical nature. By practicing meditation, stress, worries, anxiety weaken and they are replaced by positive thinking, which has a positive effect on the physical condition, brain, nervous system, which releases the disease. So health and disease are part of physical nature. You shouldn’t worry too much about this. Being upset because of the disease, you give it even more energy. You are a combination of health and disease. Meditation protects the body from the effects of stress and also allows accumulated stress to leave the body. It is likely that in the future, people who are depressed will be fined for emotional pollution. The words you hear from the people around you affect your consciousness. They give you joy and peace, or create anxiety (for example, jealousy, anger, disappointment, sadness). Meditation is a key tool for controlling emotional pollution. Observe yourself: how do you feel when you enter a room where someone is very angry? Involuntarily, you begin to feel these emotions on yourself. On the other hand, if you have a harmonious and happy environment around you, you feel good. Why, you ask. The fact is that feelings are not limited to the body, they are everywhere. The mind is a finer substance than the five elements – water, earth, air, fire and ether. When a fire burns somewhere, the heat is not limited to the fire, it is radiated into the environment. Read: if you are upset and unhappy, then you are not the only person who feels this; you radiate the appropriate wave to your surroundings. In a world of conflict and stress, it is very important to devote at least some time to meditation every day. Healing breathing and meditation There is a healing one known as. This practice allows you to: – Fill every cell with oxygen and new life – Release the body from tension, discontent and anger – Bring body and soul into harmony

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