How to help with the ailment of stuttering

Stuttering is a relatively rare problem. It is estimated that approximately 1,5% of the world’s population suffers from such a speech impediment.

Stuttering first manifests itself, as a rule, between the ages of three and seven. However, it becomes a cause for serious concern if it does not go away by the age of 10. According to statistics, every fourth stuttering child does not leave this problem even in adulthood.

Stuttering Relief Exercises

The following exercises are effective for stuttering caused by physiological causes. In general, such exercises are aimed at the correct functioning of the organs involved in speech: tongue, lips, jaw, trachea and lungs.

It is advisable to do the exercises every night before going to bed.

1. Try to pronounce sounds as expressively as possible, each time distorting the muscles of the face in accordance with the pronounced vowel.

2. have proven themselves in the treatment of speech problems, including stuttering, as they help strengthen the respiratory system and relax the nervous tension that accumulates in the body. It is advisable to learn to control the rhythm of spoken words by working on breathing.

– Take a deep breath in through your mouth and exhale slowly, immediately after inhaling.

– Take a deep breath in through your mouth, stick your tongue out as you exhale.

– Take a deep breath through your mouth while tensing your pectoral muscles. Exhale slowly.

3. Speed ​​reading helps subconscious recognition of each word. The main thing is the speed, not the quality of the read text. Allow yourself to mispronounce the words and don’t stop at any word or syllable. If repeated for 2-3 months, the exercise will be effective in relieving muscle tension and correcting obstructions in speech.

Nutrition tips

While no specific products are currently known to cure stuttering, some can improve the condition of the speech organs. For example, Indian gooseberries, almonds, black pepper, cinnamon and dried dates. Take them by mouth to possibly relieve the symptoms of stuttering.  

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