Goodbye guilt!

“I shouldn’t have eaten that last piece of pie!” “I can’t believe that I have been eating sweets at night for three days in a row!” “I’m a mother, and, therefore, I have to take care of children, and cook, and also work, right?” Everyone has these thoughts. And no matter what we have destructive internal dialogue about: about food, time management, work, family, relationships, our obligations or something else, these negative thoughts do not lead to anything good. Guilt is a very heavy burden, it takes a lot of energy. Guilt turns us into the past, deprives us of energy in the present and does not allow us to move into the future. We become helpless. Whether the guilt is caused by past experiences, internal beliefs, external conditioning, or all of the above, the result is always the same—we get stuck in place. However, it is easy to say – get rid of guilt, it is not so easy to do. I offer you one small practice. Say the following phrase out loud right now: The word “just” is the same word as the words “I have to!” and “I shouldn’t!” Now begin to observe how often you use the words “should” and “shouldn’t” to describe your feelings and actions. And as soon as you catch yourself on these words, replace them with the word “simple.” Thus, you will stop judging yourself, but will state your actions. Try this technique and feel the difference. How will your feelings and mood change if, instead of: “I shouldn’t have eaten all this dessert!”, you say: “I ate all the dessert, all the way to the last bite, and I liked it so much!” “Should” and “shouldn’t” are very tricky and powerful words, and it’s quite difficult to eradicate them from the subconscious, but it’s worth doing so that they have no power over you. Saying these words (out loud or to yourself) is a bad habit, and it would be good to start learning to track it. When these words appear in your mind (and this has been and will happen), do not scold yourself for this too, do not say to yourself: “I should not speak or think this way”, just state the fact of what is happening to you, the fact that that you are beating yourself up. At the moment, your action or inaction is a given. And that’s it! And no guilt! If you stop judging yourself, you will feel your power. Like yoga, like the desire to live consciously, getting rid of guilt cannot be a goal, it is a practice. Yes, it is not simple, but it allows you to get rid of several tons of garbage in your head and makes room for more positive feelings. And then it becomes easier for us to accept various aspects of our lives, no matter how far from perfect they are. Source: Translation: Lakshmi

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