About the role of vitamins in human life.

About the role of vitamins in human life.

I think it’s not worth talking about the role vitamins play in a person’s life – everyone already knows this. The need for vitamins especially increases when a person is exposed to constant stress and when he “exhausts” his body with excessive physical exertion.


It’s no secret that the main sources of vitamins are fruits, vegetables, dairy products, etc. But, unfortunately, not everyone knows (and someone knows, but for some reason does not adhere to this rule) foodstuffs, most of the nutrients die. And in fact, a person eats a “dummy”, i.e. food devoid of any value. There are 2 options for getting out of this situation:

1. Eat fresh food without letting it sit for a long time. And try to expose them to heat and mechanical treatment as little as possible.


2. Add vitamin complexes to your main diet. In sports nutrition, you can find a lot of nutritional supplements that can supply the body of an athlete and any person leading an active lifestyle with essential vitamins and microelements.

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Now we will talk about those vitamins that are primarily needed by an athlete. We will not list all of them – it will take too much time.

So, the first on our list is vitamin C. It is well known that it increases the body’s defenses and protects against many viral diseases. For bodybuilders, the benefit of this vitamin also lies in the fact that the absorption of protein by the body and its synthesis in the muscles depend on it.

Vitamin D is also essential for the athlete. Without it, the body poorly absorbs calcium and phosphorus, which are necessary for muscle contraction. This vitamin can be obtained from fish oil, as well as after a short stay in the sun, i.e. it makes sense to turn a simple walk into a vitamin D walk.

Vitamin B3 is involved in many metabolic processes. Previously, very often before the competition, athletes took this vitamin – this helped to extract additional energy.


Vitamin B2 takes part in protein metabolism. A bodybuilder who neglects this vitamin may later regret it, since it is extremely difficult to build muscle mass without it. It should also be remembered that with hard training, the vitamin is quickly washed out of the body and, accordingly, its deficiency must be replenished in a timely manner.

Another vitamin from the same group, B12, is also almost vitamin # 1 for a bodybuilder. After all, it is on him that the increase in muscle mass depends. By the way, the same can be said about vitamin H.

By replenishing the deficiency of vitamins, the athlete recovers much faster after intense training, which allows him to continue moving towards the intended goal without long stops.


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