How to correctly potty train a child

And at the same time do not go crazy.

This is one of the most frustrating parts of parenting, but there are a few simple steps you can take to help you reach the finish line without losing your mind.

1. Catch the signs that the child is ready.

Attempts to potty train a child who is not ready or does not show any interest in this only cause irritation. Positive signs can be the child’s complaints about wet or dirty diapers, as well as if he hides what he has done or says that he is going to go small or big. Additional signs are the child’s interest in how others use the potty and attempts to copy their behavior, as well as a dry diaper for a longer period of time, especially after a nap.

2. Talk more about the pot.

The first step in potty training your child is to talk about it as much as possible. Read books about potty training to him, let him watch you use the toilet, and talk about other kids you know who already use the potty.

3. Prepare everything you need.

There is no need to purchase a whole arsenal of potty training devices, but some are still needed. This is primarily a toilet seat. Some parents prefer nursery pots, while others (who don’t want to wash those tiny toilets every time) start right away with a special seat that fits over the toilet. If you have multiple toilets, purchase one for each. You will also need a high chair with which the child will climb onto the seat, lots of wet wipes and a few books to entertain the child during a long seat.

4. Spend some time at home.

At the beginning of the learning process, it will take a few days, when you can leave everything and concentrate on the task at hand. These days, constantly ask your child if he needs a potty, and be prepared for both false alarms and unexpected incidents (you may have to roll up your favorite carpet and cover the sofa with towels). The first days can be very confusing and even unpleasant, but eventually your child will understand what they want from him.

5. Strip your child naked.

This is one of the most shocking tips that is nevertheless very effective. If you take off diapers and panties from the child, this will be a signal for him that he will have to write and poop either on himself or in the pot. In most cases, they prefer the latter!

6. Encourage and reward your child for success.

Stickers, candy, an asterisk or a “I could!” perfectly stimulate the child and allow to consolidate the success. You can also add a bigger reward, such as visiting your favorite toy store, if a whole week has gone by without incident.

7. Be prepared for relapses.

There are very few children who can be potty trained in a few days with XNUMX% success. For most, this is a long process with relapses. A child’s use of the toilet can be affected by illness or a change in environment. Do not fall into a trance because of this, do not shame the child, but gently help him return to the learned skill.

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