How to choose grout color for tiles


Along with the choice of tiles, you must not forget to choose the right grout color for the joints.

This is an interesting but not easy task. After all, the modern palette of grout colors includes tens and hundreds of shades. And some manufacturers even offer compositions that can be tinted independently.

In order not to get lost in all the variety of design solutions for the color of tiles and grout, you can remember the three basic principles of time-tested combinations. Here they are:

  • universal white,
  • ton to ton
  • game of contrast.

Universal white tile grout

The easiest way to choose a tile grout color is to stick with white.

White goes well with all colors, highlighting and emphasizing them. Whatever bright and outlandish tile you choose, you can be sure that white grout will definitely suit it.

The only situation when it is better to choose something darker is when sealing the joints between tiles laid on the floor. White grout on the floor will not withstand intensive use and will quickly lose its original appearance.


Unsure which grout color to choose? Choose white!

Plaster in tone braid

For colored tiles, a good solution is to select a colored grout to match the tone of the tile itself.

Grout of the same color as the tiles creates a visually uniform surface, and at the same time allows you to hide laying defects.

You can choose a grout for tile joints a tone or two lighter or darker. For light shades of tiles, dark shades of grout are suitable. And vice versa – light grout looks good on dark tiles. For example, blue grout for blue tiles. Or beige grout for brown tiles.


When choosing a tone-on-tone grout color, compare the tiles with dried grout samples. After drying, the grout becomes noticeably lighter.

Play on the contrast

A non-standard and bold design move will be the choice of grout for tiles in a contrasting color. For example, a catchy combination of red tiles and black grout.


When selecting contrasting colors of tiles and grout, it is better to test their compatibility in advance so that the result looks really stylish.

What color grout to choose for …

… white tiles? The best options are white and contrasting black grout. But colored grouts can also provide an interesting combination.

… brown tiles? In addition to white and brown, yellow and black grout can look good.

… green tiles? Orange or black grout will create a suitable contrast with green tiles.

… black tiles? Black tiles are combined with white or any colored grout.

… red tiles? Black, gray or blue grout will add brightness to the red tile finish.

…yellow tiles? It is worth experimenting with brown, purple or black grouts.

Compatibility of primary colors of tiles and grout
 Grout color
Color of tilesWhite+++++++++++++
Yellow+++++    +  +
Brown+++++       +
Orange++  +++     +
Green++  ++++    +
Turquoise++   +++   ++
Blue++     ++ +++
Purple+++     ++  +
Red++     + ++++
Gray++    ++ ++++

How to get the right grout color when tinting grout

Self-tinting grout allows you to create your own original shade.

To do this, add to the dry mixture of white or gray dye. The intensity of the tone is regulated by the amount of dye added to the grout. To obtain a pale shade, about 3 grams of dye per 1 kg of dry mixture is enough. For a rich bright color, you can add 1 grams of color to 30 kilogram of dry grout.

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