What are the benefits of a raw food diet?

For those who categorically refuse to believe that over the years we earn diseases and ailments ourselves, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with useful information: what doctors could cure with a raw food diet in the old days. This article is not at all a call to abandon your usual diet and become a raw foodist, here you will learn a pretty good remedy for many ailments.

In the last century, Professor Pevzner M.I. Together with a group of scientists, he created a book on healthy eating, which popularly reveals the topic of eating raw plant foods. There is also an impressive list of diseases that can be cured in this way. The list includes diseases such as gout, diathesis, diabetes mellitus, obesity, skin and cardiovascular diseases.

A raw food diet helps to get rid of migraines of an indeterminate type, neuralgia due to a mental disorder, and even epilepsy. It may seem strange to you, but eating raw food has a beneficial effect on the body as a whole. The reason lies in the fact that raw plant foods contain a minimum amount of salts.

A raw food diet can cure allergies of various types, get rid of chronic diseases of the liver and kidneys. Professor Pevzner M.I. believes that in the treatment of certain diseases, the long-awaited effect can be achieved after a certain time. Don’t expect instant results. Within 10-12 days of eating fruits, you will notice improvements. According to the professor, based solely on many years of experience, he confidently stated that fruit nutrition for two weeks gives an amazing effect.

The list of diseases also includes gastrointestinal disorders, constipation, intestinal volvulus, poisoning of varying severity and infectious diseases. Thus, raw food has more advantages than vegetarianism.

As you can see, raw food has a healing effect on the body, but this is not the whole truth about a kind of diet. A raw food diet is not a cure for all diseases, but rather a chance that leads to recovery. The body gets a real opportunity for self-healing. Having tried this method, you will be convinced that the reserve that is inherent in nature in each person will begin to work independently.

Medicine in our time with its technology is trying to save us from various viruses and sores. If this does not work, we seek salvation by turning to non-traditional methods of treatment, including traditional and Tibetan medicine, acupuncture, leech therapy and much more. In fact, the “inner doctor” is the best salvation, just give it a chance.

The body is able to fight diseases on its own. The use of drugs can be called an adaptive reaction. Medicine by its intervention does not always have a reasonable effect on a particular disease. Doctors are not omnipotent and often make mistakes.

What effect do we get from taking antipyretics?

To “knock down” the high temperature during the flu, we take certain drugs. Meanwhile, the body itself can cope with this task, because the increase in body temperature is nothing more than a struggle for survival. Thus, by swallowing pills, we deliberately prevent the body from fighting the disease. By killing microbes that have not yet finished their work, we can easily get a complication of the disease.

The human body is a self-healing system, which no doubt sometimes fails. However, self-healing occurs faster if you follow the laws of nature – no one has canceled them yet. Our task is not to harm the natural processes that occur in the body during illness, but to help.

Take, for example, animals: in natural conditions, they eat only raw food. Sentient beings are able to heal themselves on their own. They know what medicinal herb to use when a particular ailment appears and successfully cope with it. We should learn from them. Perhaps soon “naturopathy” (raw food) will become preventive medicine. Doctors from all over the world have repeatedly spoken about this at medical forums and conferences.

The origins of the raw food diet can be found in the distant past, returning to yoga, but the founder of this teaching in healing is the Swiss doctor Bircher-Benner. At one time, he wrote a book called “Fundamentals of the treatment of nutrition on the basis of energy.” His reasoning was as follows: the art of cooking has reduced to a minimum the natural conditions of human habitation. As a result, many animal products have appeared.

People who eat fruits, berries and nuts, as well as baked goods and butter, live much longer. They have excellent health and increased efficiency, therefore, by refusing to cook food on fire (cooking soups, fried foods), you do not risk anything. On the contrary, you are on the right path.

In the civilized world, there are more raw foodists every year. People come to the conclusion that health is the most important value that needs to be protected. Good health is much more important than the harmful “sweets” that we indulge ourselves from time to time. Raw foodists have made the right choice by refusing meat delicacies and other products that do not bring any benefit to our body.

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