Be the best version of yourself: a review of books that will help you do it

 1. Hal Elder “The Magic of the Morning: How the First Hour of the Day Determines Your Success” 

A magical book that will divide your life into “before” and “after”. We all know about the benefits of getting up early, but many of us are not even aware of the wonderful benefits that the first hour of the morning hides. And the whole secret is not to get up early, but to get up an hour earlier than usual and engage in self-development during this hour. “The Magic of the Morning” is the first book that deeply motivates you to work on yourself in the morning hours, in favor of getting up a little earlier and on the fact that the best time to work on yourself is now. This book will surely help you if you are depressed, in decline, and need a powerful push forward, and of course, if you want to finally start the life of your dreams – this book is for you too.   2. Tit Nat Khan “Peace in every step”

The author fits complex and comprehensive truths into several paragraphs, making them understandable and accessible to everyone. The first part of the book is about breathing and meditation: you want to reread it, repeat it and remember it. Meditation after reading this book becomes even closer and clearer, because it is a tool for every minute awareness, an assistant in working with any problems. The author gives a lot of variations of meditation techniques for a variety of situations. The second part is about how to deal with negative emotions with the same breathing and mindfulness. The third part is about the interconnection of everything that exists on the planet, that when we see a rose, we must see the compost heap that it will become, and vice versa, when we see a river, we see a cloud, and when we see ourselves, other people. We are all one, we are all interconnected. A wonderful book – on the way to a better self.

 3. Eric Bertrand Larssen “To the Limit: No Self-Pity”

“On the Limit” is the second, more applied part of the book by Eric Bertrand Larssen, author of the book “Without Self-Pity”. The first desire that arises while reading is to arrange this week to the limit for yourself, and this decision can become one of the most correct in your life. This week creates an impulse for change, it becomes easier for people to solve current problems, remembering the experience of solving complex ones. This is mental hardening and strengthening of willpower. This is an experiment in the name of developing the best version of yourself. The book has a step-by-step plan for each day of the week: Monday is dedicated to habits Tuesday – the right mood Wednesday – time management Thursday – life outside the comfort zone (Thursday is the most difficult day, you will definitely need to meet one of your fears and still not sleep for 24 hours (first thought – protest, but after reading the book, you understand why this is needed and how much it can help!) Friday – proper rest and recovery Saturday – internal dialogue Sunday – analysis

The rules of the week are not that complicated: full concentration on what is happening, getting up and going to bed early, quality rest, physical activity, a minimum of chatter, only healthy food, focus, involvement and energy. After such a week, no one will remain the same, everyone will grow up and will inevitably become better and stronger.

4. Dan Waldschmidt “Be your best self”

The book of the same name as our inspiring list by Dan Waldschmidt is one of the most interesting and unusual self-development manuals of recent times. In addition to the truths well known to all lovers of such literature (by the way, described very inspiringly): concentrate better, do 126%, never give up – the author invites his readers to think about things that are completely unexpected within this topic. Why do we often feel unhappy? Maybe because they forgot how to give? Because we are driven not by the desire for development, but by ordinary self-interest? How does love help us become a more successful person? How can ordinary diligence change our lives? And all this with very inspiring stories of real people who, living in different times, even in different centuries, were able to become the best version of themselves. 

5. Adam Brown, Carly Adler “Pencil of Hope”

The title of this book speaks for itself – “A true story about how a simple person can change the world.” 

A book for hopeless idealists who dream of changing the world. And they will definitely do it. This is a story about a young man with extraordinary mental abilities who could become a successful investor or businessman. But instead, he chose to follow the call of his heart, at the age of 25 he organized his own foundation, the Pencil of Hope, and started building schools around the world (now more than 33000 children are studying there). This book is about how you can be successful in a different way, that each of us can become what he dreams of becoming – the main thing is to believe in yourself, know that you will succeed and take the first step – for example, one day go to the bank, open your fund and deposit the first $25 into its account. Goes well with Make Your Mark by Blake Mycoskie.

6. Dmitry Likhachev “Letters of kindness”

This is a wonderful, kind and simple book that really helps to become the best version of yourself. It’s like a conversation with a wise grandfather over a cup of tea with pretzels by the fireplace or stove – a conversation that sometimes each of us really misses. Dmitry Likhachev was not just a successful specialist in his field, but also a real example of humanity, diligence, simplicity and wisdom – in general, everything that we strive to achieve when reading books on self-development. He lived for a long 92 years and he had something to talk about – which you will find in the “Letters of Kindness”.

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