Horoscope for 2024: Aquarius
For Aquarius, the changes that began last year will become even more pronounced in all areas of life. Together with an astrologer, we reveal the secrets of the horoscope for 2024 for Aquarius – what to expect from loved ones, how to deal with finances and whether it is worth paying attention to health

Dramatic changes await Aquarius from the very beginning of the year of the Green Wood Dragon. The horoscope indicates that the representative of the air sign will be able to achieve great success – for this he should not act impulsively, it is important to think over every step. In 2024, Aquarians will discover not only new places for themselves, but also make acquaintances, study their inner world better and understand what is really important to them. What other difficulties and joys this sign will have to face – read in the horoscope for Aquarius for 2024.

Horoscope for the Aquarius man for 2024

Sometimes the Aquarius men hovering in the clouds in 2024 will understand how important it is to “ground” at times. Due to the fact that the year of the Dragon for many signs, as well as for Aquarius, will become transformational, there is a risk of losing yourself in the thick of things. It will be a time at the limit of possibilities, when there is no choice – either to act here or not.

For men, the year of the Dragon promises an increase in the number of working connections, professional growth. Career-wise, 2024 will indeed be a turning point. You may have to make a decision that will affect the course of life events. Do not be upset that you will have to go through trials so often. For Aquarius, they are the path to rebirth, purification, and tranquility. The emphasis this year is better to make on your psychological state. Sudden changes in life can affect the health, as well as the love sphere of the Aquarius man.

Horoscope for the Aquarius woman for 2024

For representatives of this sign, changes at first glance will not seem so strong. But their power and influence on life will grow gradually. For the first half of the year, it is important to prepare for the fact that in its second half there will be a need to move to another country, change a place of work or a field of activity. 

You need to understand that at some point it will not do without the complete destruction of the old. Difficulties in life will show the Aquarius woman her true strength, and 2024 will largely change her attitude towards herself. In love, you should not make sudden movements – it is important to listen to your partner, help him. Single women may well meet their soul mate in the summer months – in June or July. But the last month of summer may not be entirely favorable. Bad news puts the Aquarius woman into a stupor, and sometimes she loses her temper. So, at the end of summer and the beginning of autumn, you should be more attentive to yourself, notice the details. 

Aquarius love horoscope for 2024

The peak of the love sphere for Aquarius in 2024 is February and March. The stars favor the representatives of the air sign to prove themselves and meet the love of a lifetime. At this time, everything will be fine for those Aquarius who have been married for a long time. They will show romantic feelings, take a different look at their loved one. 

The warm spring in the sphere of love will be replaced by the same summer. True, there may be an imbalance between areas of life. Amorous Aquarians will lose themselves in a partner and will devote less time to themselves, work, friends and hobbies. Although August is not the most successful month in 2024 for representatives of the sign, it can become crucial in terms of a fatal meeting. Before the start of winter, it is important to be vigilant and not trust the first person you meet. 

Health Horoscope for Aquarius for 2024

January, February and March are the months when the energy will overwhelm Aquarius. A little later, it will come to naught and some diseases may worsen. Transformations await Aquarius not only in work and study – the health sector is also subject to them. This applies, for example, to changes in lifestyle, the emergence of a desire to go in for sports, get involved in yoga. The emphasis on recovery should definitely be done in March 2024. It is recommended to visit spas, go for a massage, do stretching.

Due to sudden changes in life, the body of Aquarius will be subject to stress, which will affect immunity. Organs such as the heart and stomach will be hit. To support them, you need to go out into the fresh air more often, refuse fatty foods. Another important point is the quality of sleep. Aquarius in the year of the Dragon should think about how many hours and how he sleeps. Without high-quality recovery, it will not be possible to be active and cope with a large number of tasks that have piled on. 

Financial horoscope for Aquarius for 2024

If 2023 challenged Aquarius in terms of work and finances, then 2024 takes over. This year will also become difficult and unpredictable professionally for the representative of the air sign, many important decisions will need to be made. A favorable period for creating new things and acquiring significant things is from the end of August to mid-November. The Year of the Dragon will show Aquarius how he knows how to get along with people – thanks to such super-strength, he will be able to make friends with the right people who will help in expanding the business, they will tell you in which direction it is wiser to move. Due to the fact that Pluto will enter the sign of Aquarius in January, there may be a desire to abruptly change jobs, spend most of the savings. At such moments, it is important to listen to yourself, try to think about making decisions. 

The stars favor doing charity work, helping the poor, if possible. Those Aquarians who could not find a common language with colleagues in any way will finally do it closer to the summer of 2024.

Recommendations for Aquarius for 2024

  • Help your loved ones without forgetting about yourself. Be kind to others and show yourself in every possible way in 2024.
  • In the year of the Dragon, all life can be destroyed. We must prepare for the fact that nothing will be the same as before.
  • In difficult life periods, try to emotionally support yourself. If you cannot do this, seek the help of a psychologist.
  • Rethinking reality should not take all your strength, do not forget to return to reality and live this life.
  • Go on a journey if your heart indicates it. When you return home, make an album with memorable photographs.

Astrologer’s comment

Comments Nadine Lavrin – astrologer, tarot reader, author of training courses on astrology:

—For the airy and friendly Aquarians, 2024 will be a turning point. Especially for those born in the first days of the sign – until January 28.

The transformation that began in 2022 and continued in 2023 will reach its climax. Pay attention to what events will be leading in March-June 2023 – they will play a fatal role and lay the vector of development in 2024.

The Green Wood Dragon will bring drastic changes to Aquarius under the pressure of external circumstances.
Nadine LavrinAstrologer, tarot reader, author of courses

Representatives of the sign will have to fight for a place under the Sun. Be prepared for unexpected changes with uncertain consequences.

The year will be full of irreversible, fateful events: a change of residence, a divorce or, conversely, a long-awaited marriage, a move, a change of activity and a global rethinking of life.

Popular questions and answers 

Nadine Lavrin, an astrologer and tarot reader, answered popular questions.

Is the Year of the Dragon favorable for Aquarius, and what to do to catch luck by the tail?

— A difficult and transformational year. It will be favorable for those Aquarians who decide on powerful changes and will not hold on to the old. Representatives of this sign will be tested for strength. Good luck will smile on those who give up the cozy everyday life and make a breakthrough, first of all, in their minds. Aquarius will have a year at the limit of possibilities – either pan or gone.

How accurate is such a general forecast for each specific Aquarius?

– The general horoscope is built according to the position of the Sun. Such a forecast creates a background, a mood, a trend for individual events. More than 10 important indicators are taken into account in personal horoscopes, so it is more accurate and specific.

What time in 2024 will be significant for Aquarius?

– In January 2024, Pluto will move into the sign of Aquarius – the planet of hidden power, transformation, power and overcoming. Many representatives of the sign will have to face trials, which, however, will lead to rebirth in the future.

Good times: From March to May – the innovative mind and original ideas of Aquarius at this time will bring them recognition and help increase their own significance in the eyes of others. At this time, large receipts of money, inheritance, change of status and recognition for past work are possible.

From September to November, Aquarius will grow intuition for opportunities, and, most importantly, an internal reserve of strength will open to achieve the most daring goals. Representatives of the sign will be able to win over others, influence others, thanks to their own diplomacy, the ability to understand and feel the problems of others.

For love, a good period is February, March, June, October, December.

The worst month is August.

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