Horoscope for 2024: Virgo
2024 is the year of the Green Dragon. The green color symbolizes calmness and flexibility in making decisions, and the Dragon itself is a karmic sign of good luck. What awaits Virgo in love, financial and other areas of life, we will tell in the horoscope for 2024

The Year of the Green Wood Dragon has many events in store for the Virgins. Representatives of this sign will have a chance to show all their best qualities, which will subsequently be appreciated.

In 2024, Earth signs should pay special attention to their health, Virgo is no exception. A detailed horoscope will tell you what changes should be expected in a given period. Also, for you, the recommendations of an astrologer: what to be afraid of and what to do to catch luck by the tail – read in our article.

Horoscope for the Virgo man for 2024

Starting from the first days of 2024, Virgo men will have to analyze the importance of certain things and actions. Proper time management will help you achieve success, both professionally and in your personal life.

In general, in the year of the Dragon, it is recommended to pay more attention to the state of the body: before the beginning of July, try to solve all health problems. Be vigilant – give up useless purchases, do not enter into conflicts and the year will go well.

In autumn, representatives of this Earth sign will need to demonstrate their determination. November and December are a great period for love relationships. Give free rein to your romantic nature, but don’t be too naive: approach gradually, without impulsive decisions.

Horoscope for the Virgo woman for 2024

At the end of January 2024, the fair sex under the sign of Virgo will have a chance to properly plan their future, as well as engage in introspection.

The period from February to July will be busy. Your sixth sense will suggest the existence of a traitor in a close circle, due to which communication with many acquaintances will be reduced to a minimum.

In the summer, Virgo women need to pay attention to their financial situation – rash spending will not lead to anything good. In August, inspiration will visit you, and your hobby will turn into an additional source of income. Do not limit yourself in the desire to create!

Dedicate December and January to family and loved ones.

Love horoscope for Virgo for 2024

Despite the fact that the love of work is in the first place for Virgos, passion and romance will cover them headlong in 2024. However, you should not delay with the choice of a partner – if you do not decide on the status of the relationship until mid-autumn, they will begin to fade away.

The Year of the Dragon is great for engagements, but the wedding of the representatives of the Earth sign is better to postpone the end of November, December.

For family Virgos, the Green Dragon will bring idyll and intimacy. Take a break from work and devote more time to your soulmate, so you will become even closer, and the relationship is stronger.

Health horoscope for Virgo for 2024

Virgos are recommended to be most attentive to their health in 2024 in January, the end of March, the second week of October and the end of November. Organize your meals and try to dress appropriately for the weather.

It is better to schedule a medical examination for mid-January. But cosmetic procedures are carried out in January, May and November. To increase immunity, mid-spring and early summer are suitable.

It is worth refraining from carrying out operations in the period from January to April. In the year of the Green Dragon, depressions and increased absent-mindedness are likely in the months from August to November. Focus on mental health, this will help to avoid deterioration.

The greatest caution should be shown on August 29, 2024 – follow the signals of your body and everything will be fine!

Financial horoscope for Virgo for 2024

At the beginning of 2024, Dev will face a financial crisis. Until spring, it is recommended to avoid unnecessary spending by carefully planning your budget. Conflicts with work colleagues are possible, which can negatively affect your income level. Stay calm and problems will be avoided.

In the summer, representatives of this sign expect large-scale purchases, which should be approached thoughtfully. In general, the most profitable months will be: February, May, June, September, November.

The financial situation of the Virgo in the year of the Dragon depends on the state of health – to be in the black you will need good stamina.

Regarding debts: the stars do not recommend lending and borrowing, it is unprofitable for you.

Virgo Recommendations for 2024

This year can be a year of your growth, revealing your talents from past lives, an opportunity to find yourself. Or vice versa, it can lead to closeness, alienation from everyone, to excessive concentration on a partner. Both vectors are possible, and here the choice is yours: pour your energy to those who do not appreciate you, and chase the dream of an ideal relationship. Or invest as much as possible in yourself, which is very useful, because after that the rest of all spheres of life will catch up.

The sphere of love and marital relations will undergo significant changes. Thoughts will arise “this is not at all what I need”, there will be a desire to look around or even go into treason. But you can go the other way, remember your feelings at the beginning of the relationship and try to resurrect them, this will help bring the union to a new level of intimacy.

Particular attention should be paid to your health, immunity. Do not load yourself crazy – find a balance between work, business and leisure. You can drive yourself very hard now, and then for a long time to disentangle health problems. The minimum program – do not overeat, watch your diet: for its diversity and overall usefulness.

Astrologer’s comment

Virgos have a general tendency to concentrate strongly on the problems of other people, to help them get out of difficult situations. And in 2024, this is especially evident. But, no matter what happens, do not forget about yourself.

Dear Virgos, put yourself first.
Anna RusalkinaAstrologer Jyotish

Popular questions and answers

Replies astrologer Jyotish – Anna Rusalkina the most popular questions will help you to be alert:

Is the Year of the Dragon favorable for Virgo, and what to do to catch luck by the tail?

– The Year of the Dragon can be very favorable for Virgo. Bring a dizzying rise and success in many areas, if you develop confidence in yourself, in your abilities and knowledge. 

How accurate is such a general forecast for each specific Virgo?

– General trends always work – this is like a general direction for everyone. But there will always be details designed for each individual person. It is very important what personal planetary period is going on now, what quality and strength of natal planets in the main chart and in fractional charts – this will give its own nuances.

What should Virgos fear in the year of the Dragon?

– The main danger for Virgos in the year of the Dragon is to lose yourself in others, to live for the sake of saving someone, taking care of them and protecting others. However, the body is an exhaustible resource: there are health risks, so it is important to take care of your physical well-being, especially when you go on trips or business trips.

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