Top 5 most common skincare mistakes women make

About what mistakes reduce the effectiveness of caring procedures and how to avoid them, says a beauty blogger, a certified Facebook building trainer. 

What is the danger of improper care 

The key to youthful skin is maintaining its balance. Proper cleansing, hydration and nutrition maintain tone for many years. And any imbalance will sooner or later manifest itself in the form of wrinkles, sagging, dryness or irritation. Insufficient care is just as detrimental to the epidermis as an excess of cosmetics or procedures. As a result of a violation of the pH level, the skin begins to age faster, its immunity decreases, which can lead to the appearance of allergic reactions and irritations.

One of the most powerful “time bombs” for the skin is improper care. Effective remedies that are not used for their intended purpose can exacerbate existing problems and provoke the emergence of new ones.

Consider 5 most common mistakes, which allow women, caring for themselves. 

1. Using micellar water instead of tonic

Micellar water is designed for delicate cleansing of the face. It contains micelles – tiny particles that dissolve sebum and cosmetics, as well as softening, exfoliating and moisturizing ingredients. However, leaving this remedy on the skin is a gross mistake, as well as using it as a tonic.

Micelles are very active, and when they get on the face, they “work” non-stop, affecting the integument at the cellular level. They interact with all substances that the skin produces, including those that create a natural protective barrier. Applied under makeup, micellar water will bind to cosmetics, which will not benefit either your appearance or the condition of the epidermis.

Recommendation: Always rinse off micellar water, whether you use it to remove make-up in the evening or cleanse in the morning. Do not use on oily or sensitive skin – the active ingredients in the water can cause dryness and aggravate irritation. 

2. Using skin care products that do not match your skin type

Each type of skin requires special care: dry skin needs intense moisture, normal skin needs to be moisturized to keep it fresh and youthful. And oily skin is often treated with alcohol-containing compounds to remove excess sebum and make it dull, that is, not only do not moisturize, but also additionally dry.

This is wrong, because this type of skin needs moisture no less than dry skin: often the excessive work of the sebaceous glands is associated with a lack of moisture.

Recommendation: Eliminate all drying compounds and alcohol-based cosmetics. Regularly use moisturizers: low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, thermal water, sprays, which must be used not only in the morning and evening, but also throughout the day. 

3. Too early use of anti-fading creams and care products

Marketing techniques make us think that the sooner we start fighting wrinkles, the more effective the result will be. This is absolutely false. Most cosmetologists agree that anti-aging products used before the age of 40-45 not only do not prevent wrinkles, but also provoke their appearance.

Recommendation: Proper care until the above age is regular and sufficient hydration, cleansing and nutrition. Use a cream for your skin type, cleanse at least twice a day, protect from UV exposure, and use seasonal creams to maintain balance. 

4. Inadequate hand care

The skin on the hands is just as sensitive as on the face, so you need to take care of it especially carefully. It is the condition of the hands that can give out the age of a woman in the first place: hands age very quickly. Therefore, in order to avoid the manifestation of signs of wilting as long as possible, you need to pay a lot of attention to this area.

Recommendation: Cold air, wind, hard water, soap and detergents are the main enemies of our hands. Use nourishing and moisturizing creams after each wash, wear mittens in winter, do your homework with protective gloves – this will help avoid contact with irritating factors and keep your skin young, soft and smooth. 

5. Neglect of gymnastics for the face

Under facial care, most of us mean taking care of the epidermis – it is on it that the action of masks, scrubs and lotions is directed. However, the basis of well-being and a healthy appearance of the skin is not the condition of the surface, but its middle layer – where the muscles, capillaries, lymphatic channels, nerve endings and hair follicles are located.

Flabbiness, low tone, unhealthy color, the appearance of edema and swelling are directly related to what happens at a deeper level. Regular facial exercises will help to remove the external manifestations of the problems of the middle layer of the skin.

Recommendation: Simple exercises will allow you to nourish the tissues with oxygen, restore muscle elasticity and normalize the outflow of fluid. As a result, you will get clearer and tightened facial contours, smooth, elastic and dense skin, even color and uniform texture. Regular exercise is an excellent remedy for wrinkles – due to good nutrition, the skin remains elastic longer. 

Take care of yourself – take care of your skin properly to keep it young and beautiful for many years!

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