Chaga – birch mushroom for health and longevity


In fact, chaga is a tinder fungus that develops on the surface of birch trunks. Being inextricably linked with a tree, chaga takes all the best from it – useful substances hidden deep under the bark, valuable microelements so necessary for the human body. Due to its rich composition, the mushroom has been used as the first medicine since ancient times. With its help, both mild and serious ailments, tumors, and chronic diseases were treated.

Today, birch fungus extracts are widely used in oncology – it has been proven that the tannins that are part of the chaga form a protective layer both on the mucous membranes and on the surface of the skin, protecting the affected organism from harmful external influences. It also strengthens the immune system, normalizes blood pressure, relieves swelling and inflammation of various nature. However Chaga can heal and from a number of other diseases not related to oncology, for example:

Burns and other skin injuries

acute or chronic gastritis

stomach ulcer

kidney failure

and much more!

“In Rus’, chaga was most often drunk as a tonic, invigorating hot drink, thereby providing the body with both useful substances and the necessary moisture,” says Ilya Sergeevich Azovtsev, commercial director of SOIK LLC. – Our company proposes to renew this ancient tradition and drink birch fungus drink every day, instead of regular tea, coffee or chicory. In addition to the fact that it is good for health in general, such herbal tea tastes good, improves mood and helps to cope even with severe stress.

5 reasons to switch to herbal tea from chaga

The indisputable advantages of the drink include 5 main forms of impact on the human body, which are so necessary today for all residents of megacities:

1. Increases the protective properties of the body.

2. Activates the metabolism in the brain tissue – this is manifested by an increase in the bioactivity of the cerebral cortex.

3. It has an anti-inflammatory effect both for internal and for local external use.

4. Strengthens the digestive tract.

5. Negatively affects tumors of various origins.

natural chemistry

The chemical composition of birch tinder is truly amazing. It contains almost the entire periodic table! Judge for yourself:

· Tannins




Aromatic acids



· Phenol

Mono- and polysaccharides

Cellulose and dietary fiber

Organic and amino acids

· Thiamine

Essential trace elements (silver, iron, zinc, magnesium, potassium, etc.)

All these substances are valuable in their combination: gently affecting each of the systems of the human body, they make the immune system increase, fill the blood with useful elements, which ultimately sets up the stable functioning of internal organs. If drinking chaga-based tea becomes a healthy habit, improvements can be felt in a month!

According to the commercial director of SOIK LLC Ilya Sergeevich Azovtsev, the wide scope of chaga indicates the recognition of its benefits by the medical community:

– Chaga is used both in the treatment of a full range of diseases, and as a prophylactic. It is prescribed in violation of the metabolic process, a decrease in the protective function of the body, and is often used in cosmetology – for example, many skin, hair and nail care products have been created on the basis of a birch fungus. Among other things, chaga is a popular component of various pharmacological preparations: in the form of extracts, extracts, oils, tinctures and medicinal formulas, it can be used in the treatment of various ailments. Chaga is part of the tonic, analgesic and immune boosting agents. The rich chemical composition of the fungus promotes rapid recovery after prolonged illnesses, injuries and operations, normalizes endocrine processes, improves blood formation.

Chaga tea may well complement the treatment of a number of diseases. For example, it is indispensable for diagnosed incorrect functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, esophageal dyskinesia, gastritis and a wide range of intestinal disorders.

Tea fees for a healthy life

LLC “SOIK” offers a wide range of drinks based on birch fungus:

– We produce herbal teas in two forms – in bulk in packs of 100 grams and in convenient filter bags. Such bags are indispensable at work, on the road, they allow you to quickly prepare a drink and do not require compliance with strict storage rules, – says Ilya Sergeevich Azovtsev. – Like any herbal tea, our herbal teas are rich in antioxidants, therefore they help to eliminate toxins from the body – that is why chaga drink is so popular with detox diets.

The SOIK line includes several collections based on birch fungus, each of which has undeniable advantages over ordinary black or green tea:

· “Child”

Herbal tea with chaga helps to cleanse the body, provokes the acceleration of metabolism, stimulates the secretory functions of the liver and pancreas. By acting on the immune system, it strengthens the body during colds and viral diseases, helps to recover from serious physical exertion, which is typical for athletes and bodybuilders, and helps in tissue regeneration after surgical operations.

Often, birch fungus tea is prescribed for cancer patients – it helps to reduce pain, alleviates the general condition, gives strength and improves mood. He actively fights the causes of malignant neoplasms, which also contributes to the removal of unpleasant symptoms.

«Chaga with mint»

This is a general strengthening and tonic drink for people who care about the prevention of various diseases. If you drink a cup of this tea daily, you can improve the protective abilities of the body, improve the entire digestive system as a whole, and help the body activate cell metabolism. Mint in the composition neutralizes too noticeable “doping” properties of chaga, gives the drink a unique aroma and refreshing taste.

«Chaga with chamomile»

This is a successful combination of complementary components that enhance the healing potential of each other. Thanks to chamomile in the composition, the drink has an antiseptic, analgesic and choleretic effect, quickly and effectively relieves inflammation, increases overall tone and energy.

«Chaga with thyme»

The recognizable aroma of thyme is one of the many advantages of the drink. It strengthens the body, stimulates an active metabolism, increases the protective functions of the immune system, and promotes self-healing processes. Thyme adds an antiseptic and antiviral effect.

«Chaga Mix», gastric herbal tea with chaga

A unique herbal collection of chaga, St. John’s wort, mint, chamomile, yarrow, calamus and fennel from SOIK LLC is a synergy effect in action. Tea increases bile secretion, contributes to the correction of the pancreas, is an antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory agent, accelerates the removal of harmful toxins from the body, and eliminates excessive slagging.

– The task of our company is to collect and preserve everything valuable and useful in plants, translate it into herbal teas and give all customers health and pleasure! – says Ilya Sergeevich Azovtsev, commercial director of SOIK.

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