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You will be shocked at the amount and types of toxins you are exposed to every day. You cannot avoid these toxins from entering the body, but you can help your body get rid of them.   How are we exposed to toxins?

You can often hear people say, “I don’t eat processed foods, I eat healthy, why did I get sick?” What does it mean to “eat healthy food”? Healthy eating is not only what you eat, but also what you don’t eat! What about other factors around you that are depriving you of health? Healthy eating alone is not enough to be healthy. If you look at the list below, you will realize that you can’t really avoid exposure to toxins. We live in such a toxic world that we need to help our bodies detoxify. See how toxins (poisonous substances) find their way into our body.

Toxins from external sources

External toxins enter our body from the environment. Some sources:

Products. Additives, preservatives, artificial flavors and colors, food stabilizers, food emulsifiers, agricultural chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, etc.

Air. Dry and stagnant air, perfumes, tobacco smoke, detergents, toxic fumes, polluted air, dust mites, pollen, household sprays, etc.

Water. Water contaminated with inorganic minerals, bacteria, chlorine, heavy metals, rust, chemicals, industrial waste, etc.

Medical procedures. Medications, chemotherapy, antibiotics, artificial hormones, vaccinations, injections, poor quality supplements, etc. Most prescription drugs are synthetic (man-made), they are inorganic, can accumulate in our body and can neither be absorbed nor eliminated. This category includes anesthetic injections given during surgery and vaccinations. Alcohol consumption and smoking also contribute to the accumulation of drugs that lead to a range of other health problems.

Dental procedures. Amalgam fillings, root canals, acrylic dentures, implants, braces, etc.

Radiation. Radiation therapy, radio waves, television waves, microwave ovens, certain electromagnetic devices, cell phones, x-rays, gamma rays, ultrasound, MRI, computed tomography, UV radiation, etc.

household pollutants. New paints, varnishes, new carpets, new asbestos ceiling, heating system, cleaning products, all kinds of aerosols, mothballs, gas stoves, aluminum pans, laundry supplies, etc.

Personal hygiene items. Perfumes, soaps, shampoos, deodorants, toothpaste, nail polish, cosmetics (some contain lead), hair dyes, etc. Do not underestimate the degree of toxicity of the above constantly acting slow poisons.   Toxins from internal sources

The internal toxins of the body are associated with salt obtained from external sources, but once the salt is in the body, it begins to produce internal toxins.

Microorganisms: bacteria, viruses, yeasts, molds, fungi, parasites.

Old toxins stored in the body. The presence of different types of chemicals can cause chemical reactions between them, resulting in severe symptoms.

Dental work. The materials used contain metals, mercury, glue, cement, resins, etc. Some of them can enter our body when we eat food.

Medical implants: silicone breast implants, cosmetic surgery and joint implants, pacemakers; surgical aids such as screws, plates, staples and other materials.

Toxins that are produced by our body

In addition to external and internal toxins, our bodies are also burdened with toxins produced by our body. These are by-products of our metabolism. Like all toxins, if not properly eliminated, they accumulate and can cause health problems later on.

Most of the symptoms caused by these toxins affect our brain and mind, these are confusion, irritability, memory loss, headache, insomnia, fatigue. Other symptoms include dysfunction of the endocrine and immune systems.

Below is a short list of toxins that are produced by our bodies on a daily basis.

Bilirubin is a toxin that occurs when the liver breaks down old red blood cells. They are usually excreted through the stool, turning it brown. When bilirubin is not eliminated effectively, the skin and whites of the eyes turn yellow. This is a condition called jaundice.

Urea is a product that is formed when the liver breaks down protein or amino acids. Urea must be excreted from the body in the urine through the kidneys. If the kidneys do not function effectively, the level of urea in the blood increases, resulting in a condition known as uremia.

Uric acid is a product that occurs when the body breaks down purine bases. Purines are found in high concentrations in meat and meat products, especially in the animal’s internal organs such as the liver and kidneys. Excess uric acid that is not excreted from the body can crystallize in the kidneys, joints of the hands and feet (gout) and lead to severe pain.

Creatinine is a product that occurs as a result of muscle metabolism. It is filtered in the kidneys and excreted daily from the body. Therefore, when the kidneys are not working efficiently for some reason, the creatinine level rises. Finding it in the urine warns of possible kidney problems.

Lack of exercise and a sedentary lifestyle. Our skin is one of the largest detox organs. Sweat promotes the elimination of toxins through the skin. Without exercise and sweat, our body has one less outlet to detoxify. Regular exercise also helps the heart pump blood, which is good for good circulation.

Hormonal imbalance. Hormones are chemical messengers that travel from the glands into the bloodstream. When the secretion of hormones is too low or too high, or the liver is unable to neutralize them, the excess hormones become the body’s internal toxins.

Free radicals. Although oxygen (O 2 ) is essential for life, it also has a “dark side”. When oxygen reacts with toxins from external sources, it becomes a free radical. This is a process known as “oxidation”. Improper diet contributes a lot to this oxidation process and causes a lot of harm to the body.

When you go to the doctor with a specific symptom that he can’t determine the cause of, you are more likely to go home with a “viral infection” diagnosis, sometimes you may be told that “nothing bad” is happening to you. When this happens, you should be aware that high levels of toxicity in the body can be the cause of the illness.

When you understand why you got sick, you can try to restore your health naturally. There is a long list of chronic diseases that are the direct result of our body being overloaded with poisons. Take this fact as good news, because chronic diseases can be eliminated with proper detox and proper nutrition.

Just remember: there is no drug in this world that can cure a chronic disease, drugs will only add to your suffering. Medicines can only suppress the symptoms, they cannot heal you. Your body has the power to heal itself. You must give your body a chance to recover naturally by adhering to this formula: Healing = Natural Cleansing + Optimal Nutrition.





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