Healing effect of Su Jok

Su Jok is one of the areas of alternative medicine developed in South Korea. From Korean, “Su” is translated as “brush”, and “Jok” – “foot”. In this article, Dr. Anju Gupta, Su Jok therapist and lecturer at the International Su Jok Association, will share with us more information about this interesting area of ​​alternative medicine. What is Su Jok therapy? “In Su Jok, the palm and foot are indicators of the state of all organs and the meridian in the body. Su Jok can be combined with other treatments and has no side effects. The therapy is 100% safe, it is quite easy to practice, and therefore it is possible to do it even on your own. The palms and feet have active points that are responsible for absolutely all organs in the human body, and stimulating these points gives a therapeutic effect. This method is universal, with the help of Su Jok, many diseases can be healed. Since this therapy is completely natural and helps only by stimulating the body’s own forces, it is also one of the safest methods of treatment. Stress has become an integral part of life these days. From a small child to an adult – it affects everyone and becomes the cause of the development of many diseases. While most are saved by pills, simple Su Jok therapies show impressive results by stimulating specific points. In order for the effect not to disappear, it is necessary to perform these actions regularly to restore balance. Does Su Jok help in the treatment of emotional problems? “With the help of Su Jok techniques, you can diagnose the problem yourself. Su Jok is effective in such physical diseases as headache, bronchitis, asthma, acidity of the stomach, ulcers, constipation, migraine, dizziness, irritable bowel syndrome, complications due to chemotherapy, menopause, bleeding and many others. In addition, in the treatment of depression, fears, anxiety, Su Jok will harmonize the state of mind and body with the help of natural treatment for patients dependent on pills.” What is seed therapy? “The seed contains life. This fact is obvious: when we plant a seed, it grows into a tree. This is what we mean by applying and pressing the seed to the active point – it gives us life and drives out the disease. For example, the round, spherical shapes of pea seeds and black pepper alleviate the course of diseases associated with the eyes, head, knee joints and spine. Red beans, resembling the shape of human kidneys, are used for indigestion and kidneys. Seeds with sharp corners are applied mechanically (like needles) and also have a strengthening effect on the body. It is interesting that after such use, the seeds may lose their color, structure, shape (they may decrease or increase in size, crumble bit by bit, wrinkle). Such a reaction shows that the seed, as it were, absorbed the disease into itself. Tell us more about smile meditation. “In Su Jok, a smile is called “Buddha’s smile” or “child’s smile”. Smile meditation is aimed at restoring the harmony of the soul, mind and body. With its help, you can improve your health, develop self-confidence, your abilities, achieve success in work and study, become a bright personality that contributes to overall progress. Delighting those around you with your smile, you spread positive vibrations that help you maintain warm relationships with people, allow you to remain cheerful and motivated.”

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