Autumn without depression: 16 simple ways to make every day better

1. Autumn is the opening time of the theatrical season and new film distribution. Therefore, it’s time to dress warmly and buy a ticket for the evening show. Visit a fashionable film premiere, touch the centuries-old theatrical art, go to an exhibition of contemporary art, a literary evening or a concert of your favorite band – when, if not in autumn?

2. Autumn classics – a blanket, herbal tea and a favorite book. Make yourself such an evening. Light candles and an aroma lamp with soothing lavender essential oil, remove a blanket from the shelf, pour warm tea into a mug and take a book that you have been putting off for a long time. Let this evening become truly autumn!

3. If you don’t like to sit at home alone, arrange a friendly party, with all the same attributes like a blanket, candles and an aroma lamp, but the main event of the evening should definitely be a warming non-alcoholic mulled wine, which is very easy to prepare: pour red grape juice into a saucepan , add chopped ginger, star anise, cinnamon, cloves and put on a small fire. Then strain and add lemon or orange slices, honey or other sweetener. We promise this drink will become your favorite for autumn and winter evenings.

4. By the way, maple leaves are very useful for creating the atmosphere of an autumn party. Have you already collected your bouquet? If not, hurry up to go after him to dry these “colorful memories of autumn”.

5. Autumn is the season of warming baths with foam and sea salt. This time is only for yourself, let it be for each of you. And, as you know, water cleanses, renews and energizes. Make it an enjoyable fall tradition—at least once a week.

6. Each season pleases us with different fruits and vegetables, and autumn is no exception. In autumn, the most delicious grapes ripen, you can eat ripe pomegranates and juicy persimmons, and don’t bypass the pumpkin – the most autumn vegetable! It can be used to make wonderful creamy soups and make excellent (rich in vitamin A) smoothies. And, of course, the main fruit of the middle lane is an apple, since there are really a lot of apples, they can be dried, baked, squeezed apple juice out of them and … bake charlotte.

7. By the way, about charlotte and other pastries. Autumn is so conducive to culinary experiments, especially those related to the oven and baking. The house immediately becomes warm and very cozy. Therefore, now is the time to search culinary blogs and books for new recipes that you want to try, purchase all the ingredients, bake and treat all your loved ones.

8. You ask: is it necessary to look for new recipes? It would seem not, but learning new things is another autumn lesson. The beginning of a new school year brings back memories of a school desk, new notebooks and books. Therefore, now there is certainly nothing to put off what you have long wanted to learn. Whether it’s knitting, yoga, new cooking recipes, a foreign language or a sewing course. We spend less and less time on the street, we are more and more drawn to warm rooms, and in order not to sit idle, be sure to come up with an activity that will develop you and decorate your autumn.

9. However, if the sun came out on the street – drop everything and run for a walk. Such days in autumn become a rarity, and they should not be missed. Breathe fresh air, enjoy the sun and be filled with the energy of nature! Or even arrange an autumn picnic in nature. And then with new forces – to work!

10. But rainy weather has its own romance. You can sit in a warm cafe by the window, drink fragrant tea and watch the droplets drum on the glass. Why not meditation?

11. And autumn is also ideal for shopping, not the hype that happens during big sales, when everyone buys everything they need and don’t need, but calm and measured, such a truly autumn one. You can take a leisurely stroll through your favorite stores, try on your favorite things, create autumn and winter looks. Everyone knows that shopping is an anti-stress therapy, right? Even if in the end you don’t buy anything, your mood will still improve.

12. The real autumn homework is knitting. Scientists have proven that it perfectly calms the nervous system, so if you still do not know how to needlework, this fall is the right time for this. In addition to relieving stress, you can knit a fashionable warm scarf – unique, only you will have one. Do you know how large hand-knitted things are fashionable now?

13. And yes, in the fall it is necessary to revise your wardrobe for the presence and condition of autumn and winter things, and put the summer things on the upper shelves. Empty the closet of what you will no longer wear – give it to people who need these things (to charitable foundations, the church) or for recycling. Remember that the more you share, the more you get.

14. In general, in the fall, you definitely need to do a general cleaning or … detox your home. Distribute, throw away, get rid of everything unnecessary, because the New Year is coming soon – and, as you know, it is better to enter it without an extra burden on your shoulders. Only lightness and purity! Let these words become synonymous with your autumn!

15. And if we are talking about detox, of course, autumn is very favorable for conducting various detox programs to cleanse the body. In autumn there are still many fresh fruits, at the same time, this is the beginning of the cold season, when immunity is reduced. And as you know, it is toxins that are the first enemy of good immunity, they kill the beneficial microflora of our intestines and poison the body. To get rid of them, we recommend spending one to two weeks of cleansing, eating right, healthy, in small portions, not eating at night. Although, of course, it is better to always eat like this – then the toxins will have nowhere to come from. There are a lot of types of detox: there is Ayurvedic, CLEAN detox, Natalie Rose detox, etc. It remains only to choose the one that you like.

16. By the way, about the soul … Autumn is a time of long reflections, dreams and, perhaps, partings. But do not think anything bad! We will part with those memories that do not allow us to move forward. Try to recapitulate those events that you think are preventing you from developing, plunge into these memories, looking at them from a third person, forgive from the heart everyone who has ever hurt you and let go … Believe me, this practice cleanses the soul and makes you a better person, you will almost immediately feel how your consciousness changes. Learn to sincerely wish happiness to every person, and happiness will surely come to you!



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