Heal Yourself with a Smile, or What We Know About DNA

You’ve probably heard of a visualization technique that involves creating vivid, detailed images of what you want using your imagination and constantly scrolling through those images. It is as if you are watching a movie based on the ideal scenario of your life, enjoying the dreams fulfilled and the endless success drawn by your imagination. One of the promoters of this technique is Vadim Zeland, the author of Reality Transurfing, which has become a reference book for many psychologists and even esotericists. This technique is simple and very effective, and if you still did not believe in it and were skeptical about visualizing anything, then today we will tell you how this wonderful method of healing and fulfillment of desires works from the point of view of official science.                                                                                           

Researcher Gregg Braden, whose biography is so unique and unusual, has come to grips with these issues, which definitely deserves writing memoirs. More than once, being on the verge of life and death, Gregg realized that everything in the world is interconnected according to the principle of a puzzle, the details of which are different sciences. Geology, physics, history – in fact, only facets of the same diamond – Universal knowledge. Reflections prompted him to the idea that there is a certain Matrix (it is named after the scientists who discovered it – the Divine Matrix of Max Planck and Gregg Braden), which is the invisible field of the Earth, uniting everything in the world (past and future, people and animals). In order not to delve into esotericism, but to adhere to a skeptical view of “earthly miracles”, let’s dwell on those real facts that contributed to this discovery.

Gregg Braden says that when we experience certain sensations in our hearts, we create electrical and magnetic waves inside our bodies that penetrate the world around us far beyond our bodies. Studies have shown that these waves propagate several kilometers from our physical body. Right now, while reading this article and living through certain emotions and feelings associated with what is written here, you are having an impact on a space far beyond your location. It is here that the idea originates that a community of people who think unitedly and experience identical emotions can change the world, and their synergistic effect increases exponentially!

Until you understand this mechanism, it is a miracle, but when the secret is revealed, miracles become a technology that can and should be used for the sake of one’s own happiness and health. So let’s talk facts.

Three Miracle DNA Healing Experiments with Feelings

1. Quantum biologist Dr. Vladimir Poponin set up an interesting experiment. He created a vacuum in the container, in which only particles of light, photons, existed. They were located randomly. Then, when a piece of DNA was placed in the same container, it was noted that the photons lined up in a certain way. There was no mess! It turns out that the DNA fragment influenced the field of this container and literally forced the light particles to change their location. Even after the DNA was removed, the photons remained in the same ordered state and were located towards the DNA. It was this phenomenon that Gregg Braden investigated, explaining it precisely from the point of view of the presence of a certain energy field through which DNA exchanges information with photons.

If a tiny piece of DNA can influence foreign particles, what a power a person must have!

2. The second experiment was no less wonderful and amazing. He proved that DNA is inextricably linked with its “master”, no matter how far away it is. From donors, leukocytes were taken from DNA, which were placed in special chambers. People were provoked to various emotions by showing them video clips. At the same time, DNA and a person were monitored. When a person gave out a certain emotion, his DNA responded with electrical impulses at the same time! There were no delays for a fraction of a second. The peaks of human emotions and their declines were exactly repeated by DNA leukocytes. It turns out that no distances can interfere with our magical DNA code, which, by broadcasting our mood, changes everything around. The experiments were repeated, removing the DNA for 50 miles, but the result remained the same. There was no process delay. Perhaps this experiment confirms the phenomenon of twins who feel each other at a distance and sometimes experience identical emotions.

3. The third experiment was carried out at the Institute of Mathematics of the Heart. The result is a report that you can study for yourself – Local and Non-Local Effects of Coherent Heart Frequencies on Conformational Changes in DNA. The most important result obtained after the experiment was that DNA changed its shape depending on the feelings. When the people participating in the experiment experienced fear, hatred, anger and other negative emotions, the DNA contracted, twisted more strongly, became more dense. Decreasing in size, DNA turned off many codes! This is a protective reaction of our amazing body, which takes care of maintaining balance and thus protects us from external negativity.

The human body believes that we can experience such strong negative emotions as anger and fear only in exceptional cases of special danger and threat. However, in life it often happens that a person, for example, is a pessimist and has a negative attitude towards everything. Then his DNA is constantly in a compressed state and gradually loses its functions. From here, health problems arise up to serious diseases and anomalies. Stress is a sign of improper DNA functioning.

In continuation of the conversation about the results of the experiment, it should be noted that when the subjects experienced feelings of love, gratitude and happiness, their body resistance increased. This means that you can easily overcome any disease, just by being in a state of harmony and happiness! And if the disease has already attacked your body, the recipe for the cure is simple – find time every day for gratitude, sincerely love everything that you devote time to and let joy fill your body. Then the DNA will respond without time delays, start all the “sleeping” codes, and the disease will no longer disturb you.

Mystic becomes reality

What Vadim Zeland, Gregg Braden and many other researchers of space and time spoke about turned out to be so simple and so close – in ourselves! One has only to switch from negativity to joy and love, as DNA will immediately give a signal to the whole body for recovery and emotional cleansing.

In addition, experiments prove the existence of a field that allows particles to respond to DNA. It contains an incredibly large amount of information. You are probably familiar with the situation when, during an important test or exam, the answer comes to mind literally “out of thin air”. It happens exactly like this! After all, this Divine Matrix fills all space, hovering in the air, from where we can, if necessary, draw knowledge. There is even a theory that the dark matter, over which dozens of scientists are struggling, trying to measure and weigh it, is actually this field of information.

In love and joy

To run DNA to its fullest and open all its codes for functioning, it is necessary to get rid of negativity and stress. Sometimes, it is not easy to do, but the result is worth it!          

It was proved that as a result of evolution with its bloodthirsty wars and cataclysms, a person, pinched with fear and hatred, lost a huge number of DNA functions that allowed him to connect directly with this information field. Now this is much more difficult to do. But consistent practices of gratitude and happiness can, albeit partially, restore our ability to find answers, grant wishes, and heal.

This is how a daily sincere smile can change your whole life, fill your body with strength and energy, and fill your head with knowledge. Smile!



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