6 vegetarian breakfast recipes

Few people have an hour of free time in the morning to prepare a full breakfast. We offer breakfast options that can be prepared in minutes or made in advance in the evening. You can choose one favorite or alternate them throughout the week.

Avocado smoothie with almonds and mint

No need to think that a smoothie is a drink. The right smoothie is eaten with a spoon! To make the dish thick, use two ingredients – avocado and bananas. Just grind the pulp of an avocado, add peeled almonds, a little lemon zest and a sprig of mint, and a delicious breakfast is ready. Calories: 267

Banana Berry Parfait with Muesli

According to statistics, only 13% of people eat enough fruit. Parfait will help improve this statistic. Berries can be taken fresh in season or frozen. Add healthy chia seeds to muesli. Beautiful and delicious! Calories: 424

Greens smoothie with hemp seeds

Vegetables and fruits in liquid form are one easy way to increase your intake of these foods. The cocktail contains all the benefits, including fiber. But in order for vitamins A, E and K to be absorbed, fats must be added to such a breakfast. A good option is hemp seeds, avocados, and nut butters. You can whip up a smoothie in the evening, and in the morning you will only have to drink it.

Italian-style croutons

A vegan take on croutons – instead of egg soaking, add olive oil and sprinkle savory on top. It will be just as delicious! We take whole grain bread, decorate with cherry tomato halves and basil on top. Your heart will thank you for such a breakfast because of the abundance of lycopene in tomatoes and the “good” fats in olive oil.

Oats and peach

Combine oats, milk, vanilla Greek yogurt and some honey and refrigerate overnight. In the morning, all that remains is to decorate the dish with peach slices, a spoonful of raspberry jam and slices of almonds.

Vegetable Salad

Want to include more vegetables in your diet? Then they should be eaten at every meal, including breakfast. You can cut the vegetable salad in the evening, and in the morning add olive oil and a little lemon juice to the plate. Try the combination of avocado, cherry tomatoes, onion and baby arugula. If you need carbs, serve whole grain toast with your salad.

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