Men Only: Winning a Woman’s Heart Is Easier Than You Think

2. Roses from the oven no one has given your Fair Lady yet. On our website there is a bestseller gift option – this. Attached is a detailed (and adapted for a man who has never held a rolling pin in his hands) description of the cooking process. Just believe in your culinary talents and you will be convinced that nothing touches a woman’s heart like a gift prepared by your own hands! 

3. Give her a sense of flight… For example, in a hot air balloon! In big cities, organizing such a gift-adventure is not at all difficult, you just need to buy a certificate – and the Lady herself will choose a convenient date on the day of flying weather. It will become warmer very soon – it is so nice to look at nature waking up after hibernation from a height!

4. Do you know how talented she is? And she still, perhaps, does not know about it! Give her opportunity to feel like an artist. The set of female happiness includes: easel (you can do without it), canvas (the more, the better), paints (do not limit it in colors and volume), brushes, crayons, pencils, pastels … (the row can be continued) – not what matters is the end result, but the process of painting, smearing or splashing will definitely delight her!

5. No Beautiful Lady will mind if she is presented with Beauty day. A certificate for a spa or a massage parlor – let it be a pleasant, quiet place where she will forget about everything that worries her on weekdays. Just give this gift along with a sincere compliment.

6. Билеты for some event (not for a football match – if your Fair Lady is not a fan) – this is quite universal, but at the same time original. The main thing here is to choose what she will definitely like. There are a lot of options: tickets to the theater or to a concert, to a planetarium, to a master class or a yoga rally … Remember, she probably recently talked about where “it would be great to go …”. Remembered? Excellent!

7. About flowers we will only say that not every woman’s heart requires a bouquet of scarlet roses. Maybe she will be much more delighted with daisies and tulips! And your mother, perhaps, has long dreamed of that “expensive” home flower – fulfill her dream today, because mothers’ dreams should come true. And let the stereotype about scarlet roses remain in the wonderful song of the last century.

8. This is the main point. What you say to the Beautiful Lady, and how warmly you look at her, is at times more important than all that is written above. Whatever you give, do it with all your heart. The very fact of a gift for women is really not as important as the attention of a dear person. Women’s happiness in care, attention to detail and warmth. Gifts are secondary.



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