Going Vegetarian: The Importance of Awareness

– If a person approaches this issue reasonably, if he has taken such a life position for himself that all living beings are our brothers, that they are not food, then there will be almost no problems with the transition. If you understand that you refuse to eat animal flesh and accept it as an unshakable rule, as the basis of your new life, then vegetarianism becomes natural for you. “Our world has become so small now! In Moscow and in any city in general, you can buy everything, and at any time of the year. Even when I started eating vegetarian, 20 years ago, we did not have such an abundance of food, but you could always buy carrots, potatoes and cereals. In fact, a person does not need as much as it seems. You don’t have to eat a lot of mangoes or buy papaya. If these products are – good, but if not, then it is quite possible to do without it. On the contrary, we must always try to eat “according to the seasons” – that is, what nature offers us at this particular time of the year. It is very easy. – A person who has been eating heavy meat food for a long time is used to heaviness, he confuses and takes it for a feeling of satiety. A person is accustomed to heaviness and seeks, by switching to vegetarianism, to achieve the same state. But instead, a person gets lightness and it seems to him that he is constantly hungry. The first feeling that we experience after eating meat is the desire to lie down and relax. Why? Because the body needs strength and energy to digest heavy animal protein. If a person eats wholesome, light, plant foods, then he has eaten and is ready to work again, ready to continue living this day, there is no more heaviness. – Yes, the question arises before a person: “After giving up meat, how can I make my diet complete and healthy?” If you do not switch to permanent buns with condensed milk or peas, then, believe me, you can perfectly balance everything using exclusively plant foods. Start combining, for example, some cereals and salads, bean soups and stewed vegetables. Find other healthy, balanced and interesting food combinations. Because everything that is in plants and cereals is quite enough for a person. Balance is very important. But it is also important when we eat meat. Product combinations – this should always be remembered. If you lean too heavily on legumes, there will be increased gas formation. But you can very simply correct this with spices! According to Ayurveda, for example, peas and cabbage go well together. Both are classified as “sweet”. Food combinations are a very important factor to consider in order to eat a balanced diet. Do not forget about the internal, psychological balance. If you become a vegetarian, you begin to live a better, richer and more fulfilling life. If a person has made a decision and understands that all this is for the benefit of himself and the world around him, if he is internally satisfied, then the state will only improve. “The most important thing is awareness. Why do we refuse animal food? Many people say that you need to give up meat gradually. But how can this be imagined if a person has already understood that animals are the same living creatures, that they are our smaller brothers, our friends?! What if a person already has an inner conviction that this is not food, not food ?! So it’s better for a person to think over the transition to vegetarianism for years, but if he decides, then he no longer refuses his decision. And if he realized that he was not ready yet, he did not try to overpower himself. If you commit violence against yourself, try to give up meat when you are not yet ready for it, nothing good will come of it. From this begin illness, poor health. Also, if you switch to vegetarianism for non-ethical reasons, then it is often violated quite quickly. That’s why I always say – it takes time to realize. Awareness is the most important thing. And do not think that vegetarianism is some kind of complex food that takes a long time to cook and all that. This is the simplest and healthiest food that can usually be found in villages.

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