Life trials are our main teachers

No matter how much we wish it, the difficulties and challenges that fate throws at us are inevitable. Today we rejoice at a promotion at work, a pleasant evening with close people, an exciting journey, tomorrow we are faced with a test that seemed to come from nowhere. But this is life and everything in it happens for a reason, including events that were not included in our plans, which become an invaluable experience.

It sounds nice, but when life really throws an unsettling challenge, a positive perception of what is happening is the last thing that comes to mind. After some time, a person still comes to his senses, and that’s when the time comes to understand what it was for and what it taught me.

1. You can’t control life, but you can control yourself.

There are circumstances that are beyond our control: being born into a dysfunctional family, losing a parent at an early age, an unforeseen accident, a serious illness. Living through such difficulties, we are faced with a fairly specific choice: to break down and become a victim of circumstances, or to accept the situation as an opportunity for growth (perhaps, in some situations, spiritual). Surrender seems to be the easiest, but it is the path of weakness and vulnerability. Such a person easily succumbs to addictions, especially alcohol or drugs, in which he seeks relief from suffering. He attracts people with similar problems, surrounding himself with vibrations of unhappiness and grief. Emotional instability subsequently leads to depression. Realizing that you are the master of your emotions and external conditions, you begin to turn the situation in the most beneficial direction for you as far as possible in the current situation. Challenges and difficulties become a springboard that makes you a strong person and opens up new opportunities. This is the mindset of a winner who never stops improving himself and the world around him and always believes in the best.

2. You are actually a very strong person.

The power of the mind is incredibly great. By developing faith in the ability to cope with any difficulties and challenges of fate, we form in ourselves the power, willpower and core, which become our most valuable assets.

3. You are your own worst enemy and best friend.

Sometimes we hate ourselves. We hate that we allow ourselves to step on the same rake again and again. For not being able to be more disciplined and do things right. For past mistakes. We just, at times, cannot forgive ourselves and keep thinking about it over and over again. After going through such a struggle, we realize that we can become our own enemy, continuing to blame and torture ourselves, or we can befriend ourselves, forgive, and move on. In order to heal mentally, it is important to accept the circumstances, let go of your mistakes, allow you to move forward.

4. You understand who your friends are

Many people will gladly be with us when everything goes smoothly. However, life’s challenges can show us who is a true friend, and who is “neither friend nor enemy, but like that.” It is in difficult times that we have those who are willing to invest their time and energy to make our lives better. At such moments, we have a unique opportunity to understand which people are of paramount importance and worth appreciating.

5. You realize what is really important in life

An “emergency” life situation, like a litmus test, on a subconscious level, makes us realize what is important for us. Living in clover, stable and even, we often forget about what should always be a priority. For example, attentiveness to health (how often this is the last thing we think about until we encounter illness), caring and polite attitude towards loved ones (as a rule, we allow more irritation and aggression towards loved ones than little-known people). ). The difficulties of fate are able to put this mess in its place and guide thoughts on the right path.

And finally, . Challenges always painfully lead us to changes (sometimes drastic), which often affect our lives in a better way.

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