Mango Way: from Peru to your doorstep in 7 days

From Peru to Moscow in a matter of days has been actively importing mangoes and other exotic fruits from more than 10 locations around the world for several years. The owners of the service visited more than 100 farms in various countries of the world, conducted independent examinations of product quality, identified responsible suppliers, and now they bring only the best fruits to Russia. They are full of useful properties, unlike most of the products of large chain stores. Interestingly, the most popular order among customers is still mango.

The Kent variety, one of the juiciest and largest fruits, is delivered to Moscow directly from Latin America, more precisely from Peru.

In Latin America, organic cultivation is being promoted at the legislative level, which is a kind of “trick”. Therefore, any agricultural product from Peru is always of the highest quality. Mango Kent gets to Moscow in an average of 7 days, but the initial journey from ripening to our table is much longer.

Through difficulties to quality

The quality and final cost of Kent mango, which offers to customers, depends on a number of factors:

This means that it is not easy to pluck it by hand. Farmers have to arm themselves with ladders and carefully remove the fruits from high altitude. 

Often the distance from the airport to the farm is measured in 1000 km, so the transportation of the product also affects its cost. In comparison, mango from the Dominican Republic is more affordable on the market, because all the farms are, in fact, located in the center of the island.

The mission of is to bring fresh fruits to Russia already ripe and ready to eat, so we are ready to carry out a thorough step-by-step support of products.

In Peru, they care about their reputation in the international arena, so there are often difficulties in obtaining documents for products from local authorities. They won’t sign the papers until the shipment has gone through a thorough inspection. And this, of course, works exclusively for the benefit of all customers – we deliver a proven and high-quality product!

The main mango pest is the Mediterranean fly, which can infect an entire batch of fruit. For this reason, the fruits are carefully processed, the costs of which are fully covered by The same process is repeated already in Moscow, at the company’s warehouse, immediately before being sent to the client.

Why you should choose us?

For many, it seems like an easy and economical solution to buy a mango from a nearby store. But it is worth understanding: the counters of the points of large retail chains are crammed with cheap fruits, which, in fact, were plucked not yet ripe, and then went through the process of lengthy transportation. They are deprived of almost all of their miraculous and useful properties:

Cheap fruits do not contain vitamins

They are absolutely tasteless and insipid.

They can be used in a rare case as an additive to a dish (in professional circles, such mangoes are called “salad”) is actively fighting this phenomenon: we tell people about how a real organic mango looks and tastes, we show recipes for top dishes using Kent fruit and other exotic fruits from our suppliers. In fact, mango is a whole culture for us!


Many people are afraid to buy fruits with dents caused by falling from a tree. And in vain!

The skin of a mango is very thick, so a fall from a height does not become critical for the overall texture of the fruit!

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