Germany, USA and UK: in search of delicious

Simultaneously with this trend, the vegetarian direction began to develop rapidly, and especially its strict form – veganism. For example, a recent study by the respected and world’s oldest Vegan Society in the UK (Vegan Society) with the participation of Vegan Life magazine showed that the number of vegans in this country has grown by more than 360% percent over the past decade! The same trend can be observed all over the world, with some cities becoming real Meccas for people who have switched to a plant-based lifestyle. The explanations for this phenomenon are quite obvious – the development of information technology, and with them social networks, has made available information about the monstrous conditions of animals in the agro-industrial industry. You could even say that to some extent Paul McCartney’s statement that if slaughterhouses had transparent walls, then all people would become vegetarians comes true to some extent.

A few years ago, people who were far from fashion and style, eccentrics and marginals were associated with the vegan community. Vegan food was presented as something insipid, boring, devoid of taste and joy of life. But in recent years, the image of the vegan has undergone positive changes. Today, more than half of the people who switched to a plant-based diet are young people aged 15-34 years (42%) and older people (65 years and older – 14%). Most live in large cities and have higher education. Most often they are progressive and well-educated people who actively participate in social life. Vegans today are a progressive stratum of the population, fashionable, dynamic, successful in life people with clear personal values ​​that go beyond the narrow limits of the interests of their own lives. An important role in this development is played by the positive image of numerous Hollywood stars, musicians, politicians who have switched to a vegan lifestyle. Veganism is no longer associated with an extreme and ascetic lifestyle, it has become relatively common, along with vegetarianism. Vegans enjoy life, dress fashionably and beautifully, have an active life position and achieve success. Gone are the days when a vegan was a man in sandals and shapeless clothes drinking carrot juice. 

The best places in the world for vegans seem to me to be Germany, England and the USA. When I travel, I always use the Happycow App for iPhone, where you can find any vegan/vegetarian restaurant, cafe or shop near where you are at the moment. This ingenious app is highly regarded among green travelers around the world and is by far the best assistant of its kind.

Berlin and Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany

Berlin is a global mecca for vegans and vegetarians with an almost endless list of cafes, restaurants and shops offering ethical and sustainable products (food, clothing, shoes, cosmetics, household items and household chemicals). The same can be said about the South German Freiburg, where historically there has always been a large number of people leading a healthy lifestyle with an emphasis on eating whole grains (Vollwertkueche). In Germany, there are an endless number of health food stores Reformhaus and BioLaden, as well as supermarket chains aimed exclusively at the “green” public, such as Veganz (vegan only) and Alnatura.

New York City, New York

Known to never sleep, this wildly interesting and chaotic city has a huge selection of international vegan and vegetarian cafes and restaurants to suit all tastes. Here you will find the latest ideas, products and materials, as well as the latest trends in the field of spiritual practices, yoga and fitness. Many vegetarian and vegan stars based in New York City have created a market full of glamorous establishments where you can be the paparazzi while enjoying black bean soup with broccoli or barley pilaf with mushrooms and corn. The Whole Foods supermarket chain, which covers all large and medium-sized cities in the United States, presents the entire range of products in an exclusively green way. Inside each supermarket there is a buffet style buffet with a wide selection of hot and cold food, salads and soups, including for vegetarians and vegans.

Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles is a city of sharp contrasts. Along with blatant poverty (especially of the black population), it is the epitome of luxury, a beautiful life and the home of many Hollywood stars. Many new ideas in the field of fitness and healthy eating are born here, from where they spread around the world. Veganism has become commonplace in California today, especially in its southern part. Therefore, not only ordinary establishments, but also a huge number of gourmet restaurants offer a wide vegan menu. Here you can easily meet Hollywood stars or famous musicians, because at the moment veganism is fashionable and cool, it sets you apart from the crowd and emphasizes your status as a thinking and compassionate person. In addition, a vegan diet promises eternal youth, and in Hollywood this is perhaps the best argument.

London, Great Britain

The UK is home to the oldest vegetarian and vegan society in the Western world. It was here in 1944 that the term “vegan” was created by Donald Watson. The number of vegan and vegetarian cafes, restaurants and supermarket chains offering healthy, ethical and sustainable products exceeds all expectations. Here you will find any international cuisine offering plant-based dishes. If you are a vegetarian and love Indian food, London is the perfect destination for you.

Veganism is by far the fastest growing social movement around the world, as it is a worldview where everyone finds for himself exactly what is close to him – caring for the environment, rational use of natural resources, fighting hunger in developing countries or fighting for animal rights, health and the promise of longevity. Understanding your own impact on the world through your daily choices gives people a very different sense of responsibility than what it was just 10-15 years ago. The more informed consumers we become, the more responsible we are in our daily behavior and choices. And this movement cannot be stopped.


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