Interesting facts about Colombia

Lush rainforests, high mountains, an endless variety of fruits, dancing and coffee plantations are the hallmarks of a distant country in the north of South America – Colombia. The richest variety of flora and fauna, stunning natural landscapes, Colombia is a country where the Andes meet the ever-warm Caribbean.

Colombia creates different impressions in the eyes of people all over the world: Consider interesting facts that reveal the country from different angles.

1. Colombia has year-round summer.

2. According to a study, Colombia ranked first in the list of the happiest countries in the world. In addition, Colombian women were often recognized as the most beautiful on Earth. This country is the birthplace of such celebrities as Shakira, Danna Garcia, Sofia Vergara.

3. Colombia hosts the world’s largest salsa festival, the largest theater festival, a horse parade, a flower parade and the second largest carnival.

4. The Roman Catholic Church has had a significant impact on Colombian culture. In this country, as in many other countries in Latin America, priority is given to family values.

5. The crime rate in the Colombian capital is lower than in the US capital.

6. Gifts in Colombia are given for birthdays and Christmas. The girl’s 15th birthday is considered the onset of a new, serious stage in her life. On this day, as a rule, she is given gold.

7. In Colombia, there is kidnapping, which has declined since 2003.

8. Colombian golden rule: “If you hear music, start moving.”

9. Age is a significant factor in Colombia. The older a person becomes, the more “weight” his voice has. Elderly people are very respected in this tropical country.

10. Bogota, the capital of Colombia, is a “Mecca” for street artists. The state not only does not interfere with street graffiti, but also encourages and sponsors talents in every possible way.

11. For some inexplicable reason, people in Colombia often put pieces of salty cheese in their coffee!

12. Pablo Escobar, “King of Cola”, was born and raised in Colombia. He was so rich that he donated $10 billion to cover his home country’s national debt.

13. On holidays, in no case should you give lilies and marigolds. These flowers are only brought to funerals.

14. Strange but true: 99% of Colombians speak Spanish. This percentage in Spain itself is lower than in Colombia! In this sense, Colombians are “more Spanish”.

15. And finally: one third of the country’s territory is covered by the Amazonian jungle.

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