Food for a good mood

“I fell ill with a good mood. I won’t take sick leave. Let people get infected. ”

Not so long ago, this phrase, whose authorship is unknown, appeared on the network and immediately entered the list of cult ones. Since then, they have changed and supplemented her in every possible way, signed her photos and pictures, put her in statuses in the social. networks, discussed and commented … Why such an increased interest in seemingly ordinary words, you ask?

Everything is extremely simple. After all, a good mood is not only salvation from blues and depression, but also the key to success in a career and on the personal front. And it is also that emotional state, without which our whole life seems insipid and boring.

Nutrition and mood

It has been known for a long time that a person’s physical and mental health directly depends on those food products. However, there is still debate about the causes and consequences of such an impact. And, nevertheless, nutritionists and scientists write books on this topic, develop diets and their own principles of proper nutrition, the main advantage of which is, perhaps, their wealth. Indeed, in such an abundance of opportunities, everyone will be able to choose something optimal for themselves.


The most popular and effective are considered to be paleodiet, Mediterranean diet and “not Diet“, Which, in fact, is a rejection of any diet. And the most famous books are recognized as “Food and mood“And”The path to happiness through food“Elizabeth Somer as well as”Diet of happiness»Drew Ramsey and Tyler Graham.

The relationship between food and human well-being

It is noteworthy that these and other authors put the main meaning in their publications, which boils down to the fact that everything that a person eats has a tremendous impact on his emotions. After all, not only his body, but also the brain feeds on useful microelements that enter the human body along with food.

Laura Paulak said it well in her book “Hungry brain“(Hungry Brain):” Our brain is constantly fixated on survival, which is closely related to the search for the pleasure of food. ” Moreover, most often he prefers sugar, fats and salt, since they contribute to the production of the hormone dopamine, which is conventionally called “hormone of happiness»For direct influence on the functioning of the central nervous system.

By the way, this is well known to companies that make money in the food industry and use this knowledge in full in their work, naturally forcing their consumers to buy certain products over and over again. But this does not mean at all that our brain is our enemy. It’s just that he constantly requires high-calorie and energetically rich food, which they are most often, and also has a good memory for tastes …

However, in fact, sugar, salt, and fats are far from those foods, the consumption of which can really improve a person’s mood. Whole “treatises” have been written about their dangers. But without knowing this, people deliberately introduce into their diet more food that causes temporary pleasure, then confusing this feeling with a very real good mood.

The path to happiness is through serotonin

Serotonin – a biologically active substance that is released into the bloodstream and improves a person’s mood. Unfortunately, humanity cannot use it in its pure form, except perhaps as part of antidepressants. However, anyone can help increase its production.

To do this, it is enough to introduce into your diet foods rich in tryptophan, without which the production of serotonin is impossible.

  • Protein foods: different types of meat, in particular turkey, chicken and lamb; cheese, fish and seafood, nuts, eggs.
  • In vegetables: different types of cabbage, including sea, cauliflower, broccoli, etc .; asparagus, beets, turnips, tomatoes, etc.
  • In fruits: bananas, plums, pineapples, avocados, kiwi, etc.
  • In addition, tryptophan is found in legumes and seeds.

After analyzing these food lists, it turns out that a balanced diet is the key to a good mood. In essence, it is. And nutritionists around the world are saying this. Moreover, for the production of serotonin itself, it is not enough just to eat a banana with treptophan, because it cannot be absorbed without the presence of vitamin C, which is found, for example, in citrus fruits and rose hips. Bad habits and alcohol also negatively affect its level, so you will have to give up them too.

Food for mood: five foods to boost your mood

Sometimes it happens that a person who adheres to the principles of proper nutrition still wakes up in a bad mood. And this is not unusual, because we are all living people, not robots. It is for such moments that the top list of products for a good mood has been developed. It included:

Salmon and shrimp – they contain omega-3 polyunsaturated acids, which suppress depression and improve the emotional state of a person;

Cherry tomatoes and watermelons – they are rich in the natural antioxidant lycopene, which prevents feelings of depression and melancholy;

Chili pepper – when tasting its taste, a person experiences a burning sensation, along with which there is a release of endorphins, similar to that observed after a long workout in the gym;

Beets – they contain vitamin B, which has a positive effect on mood, memory and thought processes, and also contributes to the production of antidepressants in the body;

Garlic – It contains chromium, which not only helps regulate blood sugar levels, but also promotes the production of serotonin and norepinephrine.

Mood deteriorating food

In March 2013, staff at the University of Pennsylvania published sensational research findings. Experimentally, they proved that people suffering from depression should not eat unhealthy food – high-calorie and devoid of any useful substances (chips, sweets, hamburgers, pizza, French fries). Due to its high sugar and simple carbohydrates content, it provokes a spike in blood glucose levels, and then a sharp drop. In the end, the same thing happens with the mood, with the only difference that this time it “will fall even lower”, which means that it will be more difficult to raise it.

Alcohol and coffee. Using them for mood, you are unlikely to raise it. But you will lose for sure, earning moreover nervousness, irritability and absent-mindedness.

In addition, psychologists insist on keeping a so-called “food diary” in cases where a person too often suffers from mood swings. After all, the use of the same products can bring moral satisfaction and benefit to someone. And for someone – nausea, stomach pain or a banal deterioration in mood.

What else determines the level of serotonin

Undoubtedly, sometimes just the introduction of the right foods into the diet is not enough, and the person himself not only experiences a constant feeling of depression, but also begins to suffer from depression. In this case, it is important to reconsider your views on life. After all, other factors also affect our mood, namely:

  • lack of sleep;
  • lack of protein in the diet;
  • lack of omega-3 acid, which is in fish;
  • alcohol and coffee abuse;
  • lack of vitamins and trace elements.

A good mood is not just a burst of vivacity and strength. This is a great tool that opens all doors and helps you experience the real pleasure of life. Don’t deprive yourself of this! The result is worth it!

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